Brave of Heart

Mar 14, 2019 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

Brave of Heart

I won the lottery; or at least I enjoy the mindset of a lottery winner.  This feeling of abundance is one of absolute gratitude, joy and feeling complete.  I know this can be achieved by each of us. These feelings are not obtained by external objects.  However, there can be a catalyst or tool found outside ourselves that helps us find our unique expressions of joy.    This catalyst promotes the identification of joy, gratitude and reminds us it resides deep within.

When I visit Arizona and feel the sun on my face, I can’t stop smiling. I love the hiking trails and the warm air. I love our new home and community.   I love all the possibilities, not just for me, but for my family.

I was recently in Scottsdale to cohost an event with another Life Coach. We created a really fun experience, that hopefully inspired lasting change in our guests.  I was sharing my enthusiasm for life, when someone mentioned I have a positive attitude.

I am happy, and I do have a positive attitude.  The question is, what came first?  Was I born with the ability to feel happy and therefore experience the lottery lifestyle?  Or did the lottery lifestyle make me happy?

Happiness came first and guided my life choices into a lottery winning lifeJ

Through trials and tribulations, I have learned happy DNA is only part of what creates a positive attitude.  There is another component in most happy people; bravery.  We all have the ability to bravely, live happy, and experience our dreams coming true.

Living a happy life requires bravery and insight.  We need to get a glimpse of our true potential in this life, feel it and believe it. Identify first what you personally need to thrive.  This is the junction of insight where we connect to our potential.   Bravely going after what we need to flourish, brings happiness to full bloom. Holding that vision in your heart and knowing that it is yours to experience.

When you think about what you personally need to flourish, where do you experience the best health?  Where are you most creative?  Where and what inspires you?

I have been manifesting a home in the sun for years, and I will continue to celebrate for the rest of my life!

Walking thru our home with the interior designer I was reminded of all of the possibilities we all have.  The choices we make, create the home we live in.  We are creating the life we live in this very moment.  Currently our home in Arizona is a blank slate.  What do I want to pull into it?  What vision do I hold for our home and family?

Building the weekend retreat offered me a similar perspective.  What do I want my professional life to look like? Will I balance coaching appointments, events and writing or focus on one thing?  Again, I have limitless possibilities.

We all have potential challenges or potential peace.  Recognizing this fact, is appreciating each day we make choices that influence the way we feel; our happy factor.  I want to help you grow your happy factor, your lottery winning lifestyleJ

Write down and give attention to what you know brings you joy.  This could be a place, an experience or element. I’ll give you an example.  I have known for years that I wanted a home out of Alaska during the winters.  My one true requirement was sunshine.  I also really wanted to be able to hike and see the stars.  I was also interested in being part of a spiritual community.

Over the last five years we have explored the possibility of a home in Hawaii, California and lastly Arizona.  Each time we traveled I would look at what was for sale.  I would imagine living in the area.  I celebrated each trip that brought me closer to my home in the sunshine.

I bravely carried this vision in my heart.  I knew one day we would achieve this.   Just like I carried in my heart, the miracles started unfolding and directed us to the perfect home, at the perfect time.  I always knew it would happen.

The bravery is called to action when logically there is no indication that your dream is unfolding.  Yet, you maintain the vision.  You maintain the happiness knowing that you can make your dreams come true.  It is staying strong in the darkest winter that calls for the bravery and suddenly before you know it…  You are living your dream.

So if you are holding the vision of your perfect partner, family or good health or home, stay brave.

Courageously hold and cultivate the vision in your heart.  When God or the Universe offers you the chance to sample your dream life, you will be ready.  In your mind and heart, you are all -ready there.  All that’s left to do is celebrate your good fortune.



Channeled Message

Imagine gifts of good fortune and abundance are all around you weaving their way into your mind.  Simply look with a clear eye and breath of awareness.  Allow yourself to be shown your connection to health, wellness and calm. Let yourself be taken into a place of absolute nothing..  This place holds no resistance..  a place of pure thought and wholeness.

Breathe in the elements you need in this moment to flourish

Breathe out what is weighing heavy in your heart

You have the skills needed to navigate, find and experience love in this life time..  You have been tripping over and over in your quest to find love, abundance and identity.   Begin to see things as fluid in nature.. nothing solid.. everything is flowing .. you choose your greatest gift in this life..  nurture it.

Explore your mind in an expanded version.  See the world and even yourself thru the eyes of wisdom and light. Reach out and touch .  Hold to your heart that which you have been seeking.. rest knowing you have conquered your greatest fear and are finally experiencing your greatest version of you.

This lifetime you have achieved the connection to all that is


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