Welcome to the Energy of the week for March 17, 2019…

A moment so perfect ❤️

This week imagine you are given the opportunity to experience something so lovely and beautiful. This might be something that has been in your life for sometime, but it is this moment that you notice the beauty and possibilities it shares with you.

This is when the pause comes in . Recognize this gift in your life and the possibilities.. be it a relationship, family experience, or where you see possibilities and joy.. Enjoy the moment.

I’m asking you to pause because sometimes people feel the need to tear apart and figure out why and how something so beautiful has occurred. They wonder why they have something so delightful and question everything .. They wonder how long it will last .. All the what if’s take over and completely blow up the simple , beautiful expressions of life and 💕

So pause and enjoy

There is something magnificent that occurs when we begin to believe in ourselves .. Life responds by bringing in even more things to celebrate ☀️

This week, don’t question .. believe and enjoy .. you are spectacular 🎉

Imagine your life path .. or your spiritual path lit up brightly for you to follow .. 🙏❤️

This week enjoy the possibilities and the fact you are right where you should be 😊

Keep both feet on the ground .. do a little extra meditation and grounding this week 🙏

I am offering a free 20 minute session over the phone in exchange for a testimonial .. 🎊💥❤️

Enjoy this week !!


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