Welcome to the Energy of the week that amplifies the best and the worst .. week of 3/23/19

Recognizing that labeling something as the best or worst is truly just a label .. because some of our worst times bring us into the best times ❤️

Imagine waking up and taking notice that your life has a brand new look or feel to it .

Some new element or person or experience has been added.. this may or may not be a conscious choice, but recognize your subconscious has pulled into your life this experience.. so if it feels good enjoy .. if not, keep reading 😊

If it doesn’t feel good instead of fighting it recognize it for what it is. Ask yourself what is needed to change your life.

The lesson this week is don’t fight the uncomfortable situation, ask for strength and let it guide you into a place of higher perspective and self awareness.

So this week notice the changes you need to make , that are no longer avoidable . Have the conversation with yourself and others ❤️

Take comfort in knowing you are not alone, many of us are making life changes 🙂

It is very possible and likely to make a breakthrough this week 🙂

This energy is positive because it helps us break from the past .

You may find you need to put somethings on the back burner while you prioritize your wellness ❤️

It is time to get the right support and take the next step

Also if you have been thinking about checking out a more traditional religion … look into the opportunities around you for this support❤️

The big picture… instead of being afraid of the changes or what can’t be avoided, look at them as positive . This will allow you to move thru them much faster with less bruising and loss.

If you fight the new awareness you will experience the churning and tossing about that comes with resistance.

So enjoy ease and reflection 😊❤️🙏 💥💥

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