Rivers of Emotion

Mar 28, 2019 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Rivers of Emotion

As a child one of my favorite summer pass times was swimming in the river. A couple of us would walk on the old county road to the slow moving water.  There were a few swimming holes that were walking distance; between two and four miles away.  If we were lucky one of our parents would pick us up, so we did not have the long trek home.   Sometimes I took off my shoes and walked on the white reflective strip on the pavement.  It was cooler then the dark asphalt.

I loved swimming under water.  It was enchanting and dream like.  The rest of the world couldn’t touch me. I could move thru the clear water and touch the sandy bottom.

During winter the school bus used the same road that followed the river. I could see our swimming spots thru the windows.  Storms turned the river dark and muddy as it flowed over the banks.  Trees would be moved, as the tranquility of the slow moving water was replaced by much stronger and forceful currents.

One winter a tree fell into the river above our favorite swim hole. Water was able to move thru the branches and under the tree, but the passage of anything that could not go with the new flow was blocked.

Early the following summer, a group of river kayakers stopped at the tree. They could have easily carried their boats around the fallen tree, but chose to remove the tree from the water. They attempted to do this by breaking branches and dislodging everything that had gotten tangled in the tree.  The river current carried all of the newly freed material through our swimming hole.  We got out of the water, as sticks and leaves drifted by.  The tree remained, as the actions dislodged some gray water snakes.  We watched the snakes as they were carried by the current.  This memory still is with me today.  At the time I wondered why the people were being so destructive; I still do.

Through- out the year I would watch the river change.  During the tranquil summer the water moved slowly. Every fall salmon and eels (pacific lamprey) would swim up current and eventually die.  Their bodies would get caught in the shallow areas of the river. These would pile up until a storm contained enough force to break the stagnation apart. The winters brought at least one storm big enough to clean the river.

I see the similarity of the flowing river and energy flow in our human lives.  We each experience times of tranquility, times of stagnation and times of more powerful emotions.  It is these powerful emotional times that can either release things that no longer serve us; or bring in a guide for mindfulness.

This is why sometimes after a very emotional experience we feel lighter and free.  The storm helps us process and release some of our life experiences.  These might have been an accumulation of bad habits, unproductive thoughts or even unhealthy relationships.

But what about the tree? That might take years to be naturally broken down. I like the idea of the tree serving as awareness to something that needs to be recognized.  Imagine the tree is a form of addiction that has potentially blocked and rearranged the flow of your life.  This tree (addiction) might be with you for a very long time.

You can choose to ignore it, and not pay attention to what resides in the tree.  You can choose to attack it, never fully being able to remove the tree with angry actions.  Anger is only going to stir things up.

You can also simply identify your addiction (tree).  Recognize it doesn’t have to decrease the flow of the river. The water is able to move thru the branches and under the body of the tree.  You only need to remain mindful that the addiction is now part of your energetic life flow.  And as you move thru life, tranquility decreases the separation of the tree from the water.  And each storm shifts the tree; until you are eventually set free from your addiction.  The tree serves to increase your awareness and mindfulness.  The tree is also sharing strength.  You have everything you need to live a healthy, balanced life.

All you had to do is recognize your addiction.  Watch what thoughts and beliefs and actions hide in the addiction.  And eventually when it has served its purpose, the addiction will be set free.

If you are struggling with an addiction now, let go of the anger.  Acknowledge your addiction and everything that lives in it. Create a lifestyle that has a good flow of healthy energy.  This will allow your life to flow beautifully even with an addiction.

If this resonates with you.   Get support.  Live with an awareness of your triggers.  Stay mindful of not hiding your addiction.  Pay attention to the energetic flow in your life.   And when this block has served you it will be released to the river.

Channeled Message


Allow any idea of emptiness to be filled with the supreme light energy that resides with in.

Know that your inner most self carries the light of our entire journey.

Feel our energetic journey flowing outward and touching each and every part of you, your mind, physical self and soul..  see yourself as complete

Recognize that in truth there are no empty spaces.  Everything is filled with our collective self.  Together we manifest exactly what we need to promote healing and awareness.

There is great strength in recognizing that we manifest props into our world.  This allows us each explore and see the world thru different eyes and different visions.  When you feel complete with one vision another version of life unfolds for you to step into.

We have so many magical choices that can fulfill our Divine nature..  Universally we have been guided to support one another. In truth we are simply supporting all that is.

The visions unfold, we hear the calling and we begin again…

Each and every journey is stored within you and I.  We are complete.

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