Welcome to the Energy of the week for 3/30/19

First expect some miracles

This week holds everything that requires action.. You are offered the opportunity to stretch yourself .. Just make sure you are grounded and secure before you begin the stretch into the unfamiliar 😊

Look at your life and determine what has recently showed up . You are given the opportunity to decide if you want to experience life with a little bit more joy and lightness or if you are being called to get serious and trust your skill set.

You are gifted something and it’s totally up to you , if it’s perceived as positive or negative .. burden or fun

So imagine holding a globe of glowing light , pure potential .. you choose how it’s fitting into your life.

In fact you already have .. what you are experiencing is what you have called forth.. You really can’t go wrong now .. it’s all up to you to decide the next step and if you are ready to experience this much awareness and potential ..

You may decide your not ready for this experience .. so know that you can call it back ..

You may decide to send this pure potential to another thru prayers ❤️

This week you have extra support .. look for it

Use your creative / flexible mind at work .. also clean things up and work .. discard what no longer serves you

Listen and acknowledge others

Use this week to refocus on where you want to be … move ahead quietly with out the drama 😊

Enjoy the Sun and the birds