Welcome to the fabulous and unlimited energy of the week for April 7, 2019

Here’s the deal.. this week can bring frustrations ( read my upcoming blog) or with the ability to not hold so tightly to what we want .. it can bring peace☀️

Imagine being in a space that has everything familiar and wonderful , just in arms reach .. this can be home or office . With a simple twist of fate .. an opening or shift in your world occurs ..

This opening acts as a gate or filter, allowing what you want in or helping you release what no longer serves you .. to help you be your highest potential ..
so keep in mind .. there may be somethings that you find slipping away .. that u didn’t know it was time to release .. but releasing us what takes you to your best self.

As you begin to notice what is catching your attention .. because the outside world is causing little quakes in your world .. maybe you will find it is safe to not hold so tightly .. and watch how things fall exactly where they are needed.

The influence of the outside world can bring in influences of peace, prosperity and compassion .. stay open ❤️

This week allow the positive to flow in and maintain a watchful eye that you are not reacting to any thing in the outside world that doesn’t bring peace .. You have the ability to observe☀️

Stand your ground and maintain peace

This week take the time to be introspective on what you allow in your environment

“ I am blessed with love, good health and wealth.”

I am stable, strong and in control of my life

Get organized and focused on your home, and office … lead the way … you may need to remind people what your priorities are 🙏

Enjoy the week .. let me know how it shifts and moves for you ❤️💥


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