Moments In Time

Apr 10, 2019 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Moments In Time

Spring time shifts how the sunlight enters our house.  I returned home midmorning, planning on writing my blog.  As I looked for the perfect patch of light, I wondered what I would write about.  It is almost always a mystery until the words find a way to each other and form a story.  Our small kitchen table was perfect for discovering the unknown   I brought my lap top, calendar, and phone.  My office was complete.  Just the dogs and I were home.   Everything was perfect until I knocked over my mug of coffee and coconut milk all over my lap top key board.  It was totally soaked.

I quickly flipped my computer over and watched the coffee pour off the computer and puddle on the counter.  I still held hope that my computer would function.  After about 5 minutes, I used a hairdryer to hasten the drying process.  That is when I lost hope.  My computer was clearly nonfunctioning. My frustration lasted a couple minutes.  It wasn’t great timing, plus I hadn’t backed up my laptop.  
My mind went to why did this happen?  Is there a message from the Universe hidden in this spill?  Or was it just a matter of time for an event like this?  I happen to be in the awkward stage of rebranding my business.  I have a new name, website, and a new facebook and twitter account.  I am trying to consolidate all my accounts. All of my original business information was kept on my lap top.  Maybe I just gave myself a clean slate.  I just closed the door on my old business and opened the door to all the possibilities of my new business.  
On the bright side, I know my blog topic! The down side, there is a cost of replacement and some lost projects.  
Oddly, I am inspired by having an absolutely clean slate to create with.  I know my new projects will hold a different vibration; a little more freedom and movement.
Often times with my clients I find it is the past that keep them from really embracing life. Some clients stay rooted in the past or a version of the past, and don’t want change.  Others are terrified to even look at the past.  I encourage recognizing the past for what it has delivered; and celebrating the love and joy felt along the way.  Let the rest go. There is no need to carry stale thoughts, lower vibrations, feelings and problems with you.  Create a blank slate with a high vibration. 
Each moment is really an opportunity to create and experience 100 percent of what you want!  How amazing is that? The following idea is a possibility of our collective life.  Read it a couple times and see how it feels to you. 
Each moment, thought, and nanosecond of awareness holds the potential of our past, present and future.  Everything our soul has experienced, everything humanity has experienced, everything you and I have experienced or might experience is now!  We have the ability to shift our awareness to calm, peace, joy, or fear and frustration of the past, present or future. It is all available now, and it is shifting and forming as we think about it.  How crazy is that?  We can create the ideal past, present and future.  We can send love and joy to our past, present and future.  We can create our past as easily as our future, it all happens now.
So if we have this infinite field of possibilities, why have we created a concept of time and space? Maybe the infinite scrambles the small part of our brain that we use.  I’m not sure; but I do know that we can each experience what we individually need to thrive.  
You can start with this breath and this moment and imagine that you are completely surrounded by love and clear energy.  You are the nucleus of this moment.  Your thoughts are dividing and creating more of what you want.  Imagine each thought doubling and bringing in more light, love and awareness into your life.  You have chosen to experience this very moment, exactly how you see, feel, and hear it.  WOW!
What about past lives; or even earlier events in this life?  Send them love, create the version you want.  Carry that energy forward.  The energy waves composed of thoughts and potential experiences is always fluid and changing.  Take advantage of the possibilities!
Everything is connected and every thought creates potential experiences.  Maybe our creator or the Universe is just curious and wants to fulfill every possibility.  Similar to a toddler touching and exploring everything in sight. Our collective consciousness might operate that way.  Even with the searching nature that brings all sorts of dramas, love and tragedy to fruition, we ultimately are universal energy composed only of love.  And so regardless of what we individually create for ourselves we always find our way back to the most basic element of energy and that is love.  
I am tremendously hopeful with our collective awareness.  Let us create with joy, love, compassion and courage in all moments.
Channeled Message
There is no need to dream of peace or seek perfection.  Let go of all beliefs that have tied you to fears ..
Imagine being in a room quiet and serine .. everything you see and touch is part of you ..
The room is expanding with your awareness. As far as you can see, horizon after horizon,  it is all that you love.
You are experiencing a feeling of peace and self awareness.. you see yourself in everything .. You have the ability to view your entire life, even lives, free of judgment ..
You see and feel the resiliency of our true nature;  peace and love.  It is impossible for you to fathom anything other then wellness, abundance and love.
As the control over your thoughts gains strength you might notice a small quiver on the outer fringe of your awareness.
You recognize the quiver is caused by a lower vibration, not part of your true nature.
Your mind is so powerful, that it shuts down any possible connection to lower vibrations.. You are home again. You are resilient, strong, courageous and peaceful.
What is not of the same fabric as you, blows away .. Rest knowing you are healed and whole.. Create your world from this space

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