Energy of the Week: April 14th, 2019

Apr 15, 2019 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the Energy of the week 4-14-19.. We have the perfect opportunity to put thought into our convictions or causes .. what we truly believe ☀️
Keep this in mind; some people have causes for various charities and some even live their life dedicating it to improving the world

Other people have causes or thoughts that are focusing on their personal wellbeing .. maybe they believe they are sick , unlovable, destined to poverty.. they dedicate their time and energy to proving this 😢

So pay attention to what you are passionate about .. is it making doctors appointments and proving you are ill .. or is it volunteering and getting involved in something for the greater good

What ever you are passionate about .. you will be supported

The second part of this message is the opportunity that allows you to see life from a different angle .. and making changes ..
Imagine you have climbed to the top of a very old and wise tree. You have the ability to see your life path with more clarity then ever before … While enjoying the beautiful energy of the tree, you recognize that part of the tree has died .. most of it is thriving ., but some of the branches are no longer alive .. You want to help the tree and clean it up a bit before you leave …

Make sure you are on a stable, thriving part of the tree before you start cutting away .. You don’t want a hard fall because you were not paying attention to what was thriving and what was dead .. morale of this .. stay close to what is thriving this week .. it will help you gain focus and vitality …

“ nothing holds me back “ 💥

“ I see truth and change the situation … or perhaps I see truth and celebrate the situation “ 🎉🎊💥

This week it is important to compare the written against the verbal offers, as well as actions against words ☀️❤️

You can gain great insight on breaking patterns this week 🙂

Enjoy the advantages of insight this week brings and use the strength that is offered to break patterns and beliefs that hold you back ☀️☀️☀️🙏🙏❤️

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