Welcome to the week that offers many opportunities to pause and feel deeply .. 4-21-19
Think of this week as an opportunity to move past any and all situations or beliefs that have caused you pain and suffering .
You are offered the perfect opportunity to readjust your thoughts and what you want in life .
“I am free to find my own path. I have the strength and courage needed for my personal success”
Imagine you are in the center of a beautifully lit circle .. you feel at home, yet you want to experience more. All around you there are other circles that offer different beliefs, ideas and lifestyles . You have the opportunity to step in and explore other ideas this week .. find what feels truthful to you ..
This week carries many different choices, points of awareness and if you do find a new passion .. be ready to take a stand and live with a new outlook on life .. this means things will change 💥
Health is more focused on emotional / spiritual health .. do what you love .. emotions run high ..
Family .. Your family may be ready for a new adventure, new experience … new goals ., have fun exploring
Work .. if you have been experiencing stress at work .. learn from the situation and move on .. look for a exit plan 😊
This week pay attention to what is influencing you. Do you connect or even care about what is influencing your decisions .. dig deeper and find the truth behind the splashy stories in your life and news. If it doesn’t resonate with you .. move on .
Enjoy this week .. discover more of what you truly believe in and enjoy planning some adventures ❤️🙏😊