Feeling Truth

Apr 26, 2019 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Feeling Truth
Most evenings my husband, son and I settle into the living room for our evening practice. After the dogs are calm and a candle lit, I lead us on a guided meditation. We also use this time to discuss the power of words, thoughts and positive affirmations. My heart expands each time we practice together.
The combination of positive affirmations and meditation is a powerful way to experience life’s abundance, peace, and Grace.
What makes an affirmation good or strong enough to positively enhance your life? Choose your words carefully. Ideally your affirmation will be short, uncomplicated, based on the present, and most importantly feel truthful. You need to be able to feel the truth, or in other words, believe your affirmation. Here is a easy to understand this concept of feeling truth.
Imagine sharing a wonderful experience with your friend. All the words, joy, feelings, emotions flow together perfectly. You are sharing a truthful experience. Your body responds and your heart opens. You are ready to both receive and share; love and abundance.
Now imagine sharing an experience with another friend. This time you add an untruthful part into the story. It doesn’t flow well. It becomes complicated and heavy. Your body responds to this confusion and heaviness. It begins to shut down the message the mind is sending. The body closes the heart for protection from the untruth. A revolt begins to take place between the mind : body connection. The flow has stopped and possibly some energetic blocks are forming. This is building a wall that can hold fear and separate you from experiencing truth in your mind and body. It can lead to wondering why the affirmations don’t work and why is life so hard.
Taking this concept a little deeper; I believe truth is God. With this idea we have the ability to see our truth in everything. So what happens if what you have been taught no longer resonates with your idea of truth? This is what I believe much of our world is experiencing. It is getting harder and harder to match our words, actions and beliefs to what is found in our heart; only love. Several images comes to mind. Imagine two young lambs are being taken to slaughter for a holiday dinner. Imagine people starving to death, or being killed because of their idea of God. Both of these practices promote suffering. Our hearts do not recognize suffering. If there is suffering anywhere, we collectively all suffer. Our hearts suffer.
When we live life truthfully our actions will match the love in our heart. We will find God and ourselves in every action, thought and vision. Our mind: body connection is restored and kindness is found everywhere.
Just the thought of animals, humans, or the earth suffering is enough to question what is truthful. Question what is practiced. We are given the opportunity to live each moment with truth; what resonates with our heart. Even though the idea of practicing positive affirmations sounds like it is for personal wellbeing, our world benefits. Each time one of us experiences a blissful open heart, we each experience some bliss.
Our Universe appreciates your wellness practices. Light a candle. Create some affirmations. Think about your goals and maybe explore the way different words feel to you. Remember it’s all about connecting to the vibration you want to experience in your life. Connect to what your heart is already carrying. Pay attention to how words fit together and how they when feel when you say them.
You will learn to not only pay attention to the words you use, but also how your actions and thoughts make you feel. Your feelings will guide you far beyond logic or what you have been taught. You will create a belief system that feels truthful to you. The beliefs will flow thru your heart, mind and body. Your mind-body connection will respond with gratitude.
Spend time pausing this week. Really stop and tune into how your body is responding to what your mind is creating. Give yourself (and others) the freedom to explore, pause and really experience our collective world. Maybe even begin a journal of what feels good. If you are like many, and have not completely followed your heart, get ready for some shifts. Our world is about to change.
Channeled Message

Gently focus on the birth of self realization that is a gentle ebb and flow .

We awaken through all life events ..

Each smile is giving birth to hope

Each gift of compassion is steering us to our true being, our highest self

Each moment we recognize ourself in others,
is opening the door to a beautiful and bold reality to be shared

Allow yourself to begin again.

See yourself in relation to all, with a new awareness that holds awe for all you see, touch, feel and breathe.

It is not just truth, that you experience, in all you see ..

but your reflection as well

This powerful step into awareness, takes you back to the original thoughts of God ..

Everything God can think of; we can experience

Everything we can think of ; God can experience

We are created as one, with love and appreciation for all that is.

Hold all that you see with the intention of love, light, awareness and truth ..

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