Creating a Legacy of Peace

Jun 10, 2020 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Creating a Legacy of Peace

Just when it looked like life might hold some semblance of normalcy, news of murder and powerful protests are being flashed around. Anger and grief have given us an opportunity to reconsider our life choices. We could say this is a time like no other, but that is not completely true. We have been living with pandemics, racism, sexism, wars, and other assaults to our wellness. What is different this time around?

Earth is at a perfect angle or a tipping point that allows light to reach our deepest wounds.  Most of us have had a devastating awareness of our world’s pain. Trauma from all the past years is being relived. Our heartbreak is real.

In the past several years, we have witnessed a growing number of voices calling our attention to the causalities of indifference, fear, and ignorance. We have groups that speak out for the rights of animals. Others stand up against racism and sexism. People have been stepping up and taking action for the collective all over the world. At the same time, we have groups desperately holding onto a world that lives in a state of crisis. They want to control the water, breath, and lives of others. This has created a knot of tension and anger on earth. Outrage and violence have reached capacity.

We are being guided to dismantle the untruths and free ourselves from the affliction of fearful thoughts. Our lesson is to learn; compassion has no boundaries.

About a month ago, one of our daughters was sharing her observation of our world. She believes that collectively, we have never stopped and fully recognized past and present crimes. How many of us bravely and objectively look at how we move through life? Do we explore the impact we have on others?  Do we consider how our ancestors lived their lives? Only after we recognize our part in the injustice can forgiveness and healing finally begin.

Humanity is finally ready to pull the band-aids off and face our deepest wounds. We are all sharing this moment of discovery. Together we can welcome the safety of awareness found in silence and action. This is the beginning of anchoring peace on earth.

As we heal ourselves, we help others heal. Now is the perfect time to debride our wounds and expose the trauma to the light.

One of the first active steps each of us must take is to examine what our money, lifestyle, and votes are supporting. For example, if you believe every person should be armed with a gun, you live in a world that feeds off conflict and struggle. Take the time to follow the trail of your money. Do you inadvertently support a practice that doesn’t get aligned with your beliefs? Look at the values of your family and friends; do they match yours? Do you agree with the current politics? Be willing to look at the world and your life as something you can change!

The greatest shift comes by walking away from what isn’t in alignment with our heart. Stand up for what you believe in. Others will join you.

Listen to children and the next generation. They have freshness in their view of the world. They remind us that the real people to bring about change will not be the current politicians. Lasting change comes from our neighbors, teachers, students, friends, and you. This peaceful shift happens in silence when we listen to our open hearts.

Old thought processes don’t match the vibration of trust.

Know that you are a brilliant individual who has much to share with the world. Release your thoughts through creations. Just as you have an exceptional mind, so does everybody else. Value the gifts of others. Let us honor each other in the light we share.

You are strong enough to navigate the challenges. You have what it takes to be a catalyst of love. You wouldn’t be here, in this life, in this time, if you didn’t plan to get involved in this huge spiritual shift toward peace and forgiveness.

Last but not least; don’t hide behind being only human. We are human and we make mistakes, but we also carry a spark of the divine. It is time for us to clear our personal wounds and forgive ourselves and others. Come clean. Surrender to the divine in you and your brothers and sisters. Be guided into a refuge of limitless possibilities, compassion, and kindness.

Only with the divine can we reach our greatest potential.

Each of us will experience a great calmness that soothes our world when we no longer live in the dark and pain. We don’t need all the answers to begin building our legacy of peace and forgiveness. We just need to be willing to change.

My daughter shared a very touching story about one of her friends. This young man is a gay, white college student. He attended a peaceful protest where he was tear-gassed. Immediately, strangers surrounded him and offered aid. It was at that moment that he felt more love and connection with fellow humans than ever before. They didn’t care who or what he was; they just supported him.

We will overcome fear and violence by practicing meditation, prayer, and courageous actions for change.

Channeled Message

We are here to remind you of the design created to perfectly release the tragic underpinnings of chaos, loss, and other ill-conceived thought processes. We are transforming the earth and other creative sectors with an energy that is bringing rapid change. Know that many who cross over now will reincarnate quickly and be the leaders of your shift. You yourself have an internal knowledge of our design of reincarnation and transformation.

It is the confusion of holding onto beliefs founded on untruths that have created the chaos on earth. It can be cleared up just as rapidly as it began. Surrender to thoughts that bring you peace. Know that we are showing you the way. Powerful surges of energy are creating doorways leading to resilience and peace.  These doorways are growing larger and we are ushering in those who will not resist the truth; peace and compassion are always available to you.

End Channeled Message

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