Discover the Six Ways Your Relationship with Earth Reveals Your Spiritual Wellness

Mar 1, 2023 | Spiritual Growth, Spirituality, Wellness

Discover the Six Ways Your Relationship with Earth Reveals Your Spiritual Wellness

It is common in the spiritual world, to hear how we are all connected. Truly we are connected, even if it’s only because all humans living and breathing today share planet Earth. It makes sense that our relationship to something we are all touching is a reflection of our compassion and spiritual wellness. Keep reading and discover your spiritual health by exploring your life on Earth.

 How Big Is Your World?

One of my clients, Mary, is struggling with the environmental impact from the recent train derailment in Ohio. She is concerned for the health of the people and animals that live in the area. She is also frustrated that the clean-up of the hazardous material is not being prioritized.

Mary is not typically involved in environmental issues. Her voting and life choices are not dictated by laws or actions that support reversing the greenhouse effect, or keeping our water clean. Yet this chemical nightmare triggered an alarm bell somewhere in her body and mind.

Why is this particular incident a crisis for her? Many environmental disasters have happened in Mary’s life. The difference is, she has the awareness to look outside of her own world, and see a more global view.

Mary is emotionally and spiritually healthier than she has ever been. She is opening up and becoming more compassionate; there is a true shift in her spiritual wellness.

Six Ways Your Relationship with Earth Reveals Your Spiritual Wellness

1) The way you move through your days on Earth is very telling. Are you able to stay mindful for at least part of the day, or are you completely rushed moving from one task to another? How often do you feel grounded and connected during the day?

I live on earth in a way that allows me to stay calm and grounded. True or False?

Connecting to calm and being mindful is empowering and an important part of spiritual wellness.

2) How do you view Earth? Maybe you see Earth as a provider for resources that will never run out. Maybe you view Earth as a big pie, and everyone can do what they want with their piece of the pie. The bigger your pie slice, the more resources you have. Possibly you feel some responsibility for the preservation of Earth, if only for future generations. Maybe you are interested in nurturing Earth in a way that can heal damage done by humanity.

I view Earth as a living being. True or False?

Viewing Earth as a living being helps you thrive with an open heart and live in the flow of abundance. This is an important part of spiritual wellness.

3) How do you connect with Earth? This might look like spending time in parks or the wilderness. It might be gardening or taking care of animals. It might be as simple as leaning up against a big tree and breathing deeply.

I consciously connect with Earth daily. True or False?

Connecting consciously with Mother Earth is another heart opener and healing to the mind, body, and soul. This is great for spiritual wellness.

4) Are you aware of your impact on Earth? Maybe you walk or ride a bike instead of driving, when you can. Do you buy ethically sourced crystals and other products? How does your food and other consumptions impact our Earth? How often do you question the far-reaching impact of your lifestyle?

I am aware of my impact and have compassion for Earth. True or False?

Living with compassion for Earth and all beings is the foundation for a healthy spiritual practice.

5) Is your lifestyle aligned with your belief about Earth? This can be easy to answer, unless you happen to really care about Earth. Then it becomes a little harder and requires exploring your lifestyle choices. None of us are perfect, but being aware of your impact is very empowering. The use of palm oil is an easy example. It is found in many snack foods and is a huge factor in our rainforest deforestation.

My lifestyle is aligned with my love of Earth. True or False?

Having a lifestyle that is aligned with your heart shows you are on your truest path. This is a great indicator you are spiritually healthy.

6) How often do you stop and really experience gratitude for all that Earth shares with us. We are gifted amazing foods, mountains to climb and water to drink. What Earth shares with us is too big to even articulate, literally our life depends on Mother Earth.

I am grateful daily for what Earth offers me. True or False?

Having gratitude for Earth and all you see, opens up your heart and mind to all possibilities.

Take time to answer the true and false questions in a way where you can provide examples that support your answer. These prompts can show how mindful, compassionate, and aware you live day to day.

Why Does This Matter?

Feeling grounded, safe and supported in Earth’s energy enables you to connect with all of the Universe’s energy, including Source, your guides, angels and loving ancestors.

End of Story

Mary researched what chemicals were spilled by the train derailment. She is also learning what products they are in. This will help her avoid them.

Mary has created an opportunity for self-empowerment, mindfulness, and compassionate action. It has given her a greater sense of purpose. She knows this one small step can create change not just in her world, but for all of Earth.

Thank you to everyone that chooses to honor Earth. It can be as easy as shifting your consumption habits and taking time to enjoy Earth every day. This awareness will lead to compassion towards all who live on earth, including animals.

If you are ready to create a life that feels good, purposeful, and healthy, contact me at We can explore whether life coaching, a psychic reading or energy work is going to best serve your highest vibrational life.


Channeled Message

Surrender to the pull of Earth’s deepest energy

Experience her nurturing vibrations as they soothe your mind, body and soul.

When you seek transformation, ask Earth to share her power and shift your obstacles

When you seek to heal, ask Earth to hold you tight and protect you

When you seek abundance ask Earth to show you

When you seek no more, lean into Earth and ask her to guide you

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