Ten Easy Ways to Clear and Clean Your Energy Field

Mar 15, 2023 | Energy, Healing, Spiritual Growth, Wellness

Ten Easy Ways to Clear and Clean Your Energy Field

Have you ever felt like you were experiencing a series of unlucky events?  Have you wondered if you are cursed? Maybe you have felt off, not really like yourself, and you wondered if you picked up some bad juju.  Keep reading and discover some very easy and practical ways to keep your energy field clean and protected, so you feel great!

Recently I was out on a trail with a friend.  Her sister had suffered some bizarre and unfortunate events in her life.  They were not devastatingly bad, but painful and complicated.  For example, one of the events was a dog bite that required medical attention.

My friend suggested that her sister see a Curandera.  In her culture this is a witch doctor or shaman type of person, that does a clearing or limpia on their clients.

First of all, she had me at, “in my culture we see a curandera.”  I love the way different cultures have a subculture of healers.  These are the people you go to when modern medicine might not do the trick.

Working as a psychic has brought me in contact with many types of people.  It is very common for my clients to use both metaphysical healers and traditional medicine in their wellness plan.  This is not widely advertised in the Western culture.

Our conversation inspired me to write a blog about ways you can clear your energy when a Curandera is not readily available.

Ten Ways to Clear and Recharge your Energy Field

1) Meditating in a salt room, taking salt baths or swimming in salt water are all great ways to bring balance back into your mind and body.  Salt therapy combined with sound healing or meditation is a great practice for helping keep your energy field clear and balanced.

2) Grounding practices that include time in nature or earthing, is another way to keep you steady and strong.

3) Balancing your chakras with a morning meditation is an easy way to ground yourself.  This helps you receive beautiful healing energy from source.  Chakra clearing meditations can also help you notice when something begins to feel out of balance.

4 ) Get a tune up periodically with a trusted energy healer.  You have the power to keep your energy flowing smoothly, but when you begin to feel worn out or frayed, set up a time with a healer.  This can be a Reiki practitioner, shamanic healer or anyone you trust with your most valuable assets, your wellness.

5) Check for toxins in your daily life.  Are there people, habits, or thoughts that are welcoming toxins into your life?  Do a check at least monthly on the people in your life.  Release toxic people and behavior as quickly as you can.

6) Talking and laughing with friends is a great way to shake low vibrations loose. Imagine the heaviness being released from your body every time you laugh.

7) Explore the world of crystals to help you find peace, balance, and protection.  Ethically sourced crystals are an easy and beautiful way to keep your home and body balanced.  Wear your crystal jewelry on your left side for receiving your desired energy.  Your right side is for reflecting specific qualities out to the world.

8) Visualizing your body, mind and spirit completely aligned and protected is a must for maintaining balanced energy.  Before you start your day, imagine that you are surrounded by a protective energy field.  At the end of the day, imagine all lower vibrations being released from your body and mind and spirit.

9) Moving your body is a great way to keep your energy flowing. This can be passive when you are having body work done, or active like running, yoga or swimming.

10) Reach out to your angels and guides for protection and inspiration every day.  You can ask them to release anything that is no longer serving you.  Energy can be released on many levels, including past life and karmic lessons.  Don’t forget to say thank you to your amazing unseen team.

Wrapping It Up

I have been traveling a lot in the last couple months.  This has put me in many different energy patterns, time zones and other people’s space.  At times I have felt very frayed.

I rely on my daily practice of prayer, meditations, and grounding exercises outside to feel good. With my current schedule I have amped up my daily rituals so I am grounded and secure. I also reached out to a healer to help me recalibrate.

Heal Thy Self

I am so grateful that we each have the power to keep ourselves balanced and healthy.  I also appreciate that we have healers that help us find wellness when we need a little extra help.

Is it time for you to have a psychic reading, energy work or life coaching?   If you are interested in working with me, check out my website, Pollywirum.com.  I love helping people create a high vibrational life that holds space for joy, love, and inspiration. Stay tuned for my upcoming retreat September 29-October 2 in Sedona, details to be shared soon!


Channeled Message

Allowing yourself to surrender, even though chaos will touch you, is a sure way to transform your mind.  This change is not just monitoring your thoughts, feeling happy or carefree.  This surrender allows true changes to occur on all levels.  Know that when things feel tumultuous or even unsure on the outside, you are helping set free trauma from many lives.

The surrender helps you connect with high vibrations while creating new channels in your mind.

Lean into the unknown.  Celebrate the possibilities.  You my friend are never alone.  Each moment and breath have been carefully crafted with source energy. Your higher self, guides and angels have it all figured out.

You are creating a wonderful vortex of beautiful energy that looks and feels just like you.

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