Discover the Top Ten Ways Your Life Can Improve When You Pull a Daily Tarot Card

Sep 14, 2022 | Psychic, Psychic Reading, Tarot Cards

Discover the Top Ten Ways Your Life Can Improve When You Pull a Daily Tarot Card

Are you searching for something fun that folds easily into your wellness practice? Are you seeking a daily ritual that will increase your self-awareness? Do you want to bolster your psychic abilities and deepen your connection with the Universe? Keep reading and discover the top ten ways your life can improve when you pull a daily tarot card.

In the last few months, I have included the study of tarot cards into my weekly psychic development class. In addition to adding this practice into my class, I have been pulling a tarot card every morning, after my meditation and prayers.

I use both tarot and oracle cards a bit, in my psychic readings, but I read the cards in a very non-traditional way.

What’s the difference between Tarot and Oracle Cards?

Tarot cards can appear serious and some believe can hold messages of warning. They are much like a medical grade facial. There is a deep inspection of how life is being lived. The clinician looks for warning signs of not using enough sunscreen, followed by a treatment. The treatment may cause a little discomfort that helps you slough off unwanted skin preparing for new growth.  Eventually the soul searching will reveal the plump and effervescent skin and life, that was waiting just below the surface.

Oracle cards are generally engaging and even peaceful to look at.  They hold the promise of dreamy possibilities. They are similar to receiving a facial in a yummy spa. There is a gentle exploration of self and how you live life. Followed by a treatment that is soothing to the senses, and so relaxing that your heart opens and expansion easily occurs.

Are the messages in oracle cards as powerful and long lasting as the messages shared by Tarot cards?  It is up to you, the reader, to determine that.

How to Pull a Daily Card

This is so easy and fun! Find a deck that feels good to you. It might be the images that make you happy or maybe it’s just the energy of the deck. You will also need a designated journal or notebook and pen. I prefer writing this information down, instead of using electronics.

I like to pull my daily card after I meditate and have cleared my chakras. I simply pick up my deck, run the cards through my fingers and allow myself to be guided to a card. I have only one rule, if a card falls out, that’s my card.

It is up to each individual to decide if a reversed card has significant meaning.

I look at the card that has called my name, and notice what catches my eye first. Take your time and notice all the little images. Look at the people. Notice what way they are looking. Are they happy or sad? Are they accompanied by anyone or anything? Do you notice houses, water, cups, swords, pinnacles or wands? What number is associated with the card.

There is lots to uncover on one card! Write down what you notice in the morning. In the evening write about your day and see what else pops up when you look at the card again.

Maybe you will begin to associate a certain person with a particular card. Let this vocabulary grow. Pay attention and see what patterns that show up.

Ten Changes to Look For

1) Every Card reminds you there are at least two possibilities of how to interpret your life and the daily card. Take the Devil card for example, are you enslaving yourself with your beliefs? Possibly you are enslaving another or you are being enslaved by someone. There are always multiple truths to ponder.

2) Each morning, drawing a card will allow you to pause and reflect on how you feel and what emotions are coming up. This is the perfect time to check in with your feelings for the day.

3) Journaling your thoughts related to the card in the morning and the evening, is a great way to savor the day. You will appreciate the depth in your life and various ways the card shows up on your path.

4) You will discover your own relationship with the deck and each card. This can be used in the future when you might have questions where you turn to the cards for an answer.

5) Take some things personally and be accountable. Using the Devil card as an example, where have you imprisoned yourself? Is it an addiction or a relationship that you can free yourself from?

6) Don’t take everything personally. Sometimes cards come up to remind us of other people in our life. Does the card represent a loved one or friend?

7) Pay attention to see how the card aligns with your dream life. Are you being offered some guidance?

8) Notice if this daily card pull is sustainable for your daily practice. Do you look forward to the process every day?

9) Notice if you are keeping a high vibration energy flowing or are you letting fear come in and controlling your life? This is a great indicator of your overall life view.  Are you allowing the tarot cards and other fears to prevent you from getting out and living life? If you find you are afraid or fearful of certain cards, chances are, there are life fears that need to be addressed.

10) Enjoy discovering how the cards communicate with you. The vocabulary you build will be unique and sacred between you and your deck. Explore your belief of where the guidance comes from. Is this your angels, guides or the Universe in general that are sharing messages with you?

Wrapping Up

I have been surprised by how much I enjoy pulling a daily card. I am grateful for the inspiration to learn new things and discover new ways of sharing messages. With that being said, I am lazy, so I will continue to do most of my psychic readings without any tools, except quieting my mind and asking Source for the answers.

If you are ready for a psychic reading, or maybe you want to develop your psychic skills contact me at I also provide transformative coaching and other life enhancing services.


Channeled Message

Quiet your mind, thoughts and body.

Listen for the vibration of expansion to help you find truth. Understanding that your truth will shift, die and be born again.

That is all we know of eternity, until we let go of believing there is only one truth, one Source of light, one you.


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