Welcome to the Energy of the Week for September 18, 2022

We have been dipping in and out of energy that holds us in patterns, releases us and catches us again. It might be slowing down projects, putting off conversations or messing up with our electronics and internet. Perhaps it was all just a reminder to sit back and witness one of the greatest Cosmic Showdowns in recent years .. I love that right now holds the energy of all the movement and deep thoughts of our mind and it also holds the door wide open for our next adventure. Think of today as being in the middle of the pendulum swing.. everything is about to shift into your future. The rodeo that you have been watching from afar is coming to town, as a matter of fact, to your front door. This is the time to make a list of what you must have in your life, what are you keeping and what are you leaving .. it’s also the day to decide how much of the chaos and entertainment of said rodeo are you going to allow to renter your life .. You know the saying … “ this ain’t my first rodeo “. Maybe your ready for the rodeo to have a shift .. or maybe your done with the rodeo .. What ever it is for you.. there is a cosmic showdown of heart, mind , soul, past and future coming into your life demanding attention.. What will ultimately win your time and energy ? ❤️. This will be weaving in and out for a little while .. but it’s a great time to think about how and where peace and chaos come to rest in your life🔮