Welcome to the Energy of the Week for September 11, 2022

To enjoy this week, wide open spaces for you to stretch your body and mind are required. Just as important is being able to laugh at yourself and let things go. Don’t be surprised if you find your self being released, or even running from a situation. You will feel so grateful to be leaving and even humbled that you ever went down that road. So give yourself the space to say lesson learned .. just as important you will see people coming out of interesting situations , poor choices and you will give them the grace of not judging or criticizing. It’s a great week to get back on our path, laugh at ourselves, don’t take everything so seriously .. it will change again next week 🤣.. Just know that we are all realigning with our highest good .. sometimes we need to choose again and laugh .. Take time to release .. breathe .. slow down and don’t expect people to change their behavior for you .. seriously .. you will be running into massive obstacles until you can figure out independent moves .. enjoy 😉