Discover the Ultimate Love Experience by Creating a Self-Love Ceremony

Dec 8, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

Discover the Ultimate Love Experience by Creating a Self-Love Ceremony

If you were provided with an opportunity to deepen your self-love, would you do it? Would you say yes, to creating a sacred ceremony that required vows to cherish and love yourself?

I am in the middle of a three-month intentional focus on increasing my self-love, respect and experiencing healing in the process. Lately my mind has traveled the many paths of how we show love and commitment to others. I have noticed we are lacking in social and cultural ways of celebrating true self-love.

I began to contemplate the power of words in marriage vows and all the traditions that are woven into one big, beautiful moment, where we promise to honor and care for another person. What if we created a similar ceremony that recognized the union of your higher self, physical self and one’s soul?

The celebration of loving all aspects of yourself would not be shutting the door on any future or current relationships. The opposite would occur, self-love creates the foundation for the greatest love connections and stories to be born.

What will your life look like when you fully commit to loving and honoring yourself?

Imagine all the people living life in peace. – John Lennon

How Would a Self-Love Ceremony Feel?

Imagine standing tall, in your truth and seeing your reflection in a mirror. You look into eyes where trust and love are present.

You know yourself beyond the physical. You feel the pieces that need love, as well as the part of you that is courageous and shining bright.

You see the presence of God in your reflection. You know the wisdom of the universe.

Now imagine that you intuitively touch your soul. It is here that you vow to love yourself in all realms.

In this moment of awareness and love, you have recognized your presence in the divine matrix of the Universe. You understand All That Is. Time and space no longer exist. Your powerful I AM statement will travel through eternity.

Love will be reflected in all you do. It is the greatest gift you can offer the world.

How to Create a Self-Love Ceremony

The first step to creating a self-love ceremony is determining if you are ready to commit to truly loving yourself. How strong is your sense of self? This is the person away from social media and other outside influences. Your sense of self has been with you forever. In some people it waits to be discovered.

If you are unsure of your sense of true self, a self-discovery life coaching experience is a great precursor to a self-love ceremony.

The next step is possibly the most intimate, yet powerful. Choose the message and words you will use as guidance for the rest of your life. This will be your I AM statement or mantra you will turn to when life is challenging.

When choosing your power words, you can look at traditional wedding vows, and different cultural vows. What feels like a good fit for you? What do you want to call into your life?

Next look at the type of ceremony you want. As I explored different wedding traditions, I really appreciated the Hindu seven steps, also known as Saptapadi. The seven steps represent the seven principles and promises a new couple makes to each other.

I was so inspired by the seven steps ceremony, it guided me in the following sacred journey of self-love.

Seven Steps for A Sacred Journey of Self-Love

1) The first step reminds you to walk with honor, allow God to guide you, while receiving nourishment for the physical and spiritual bodies.

2) The second step of the path is to always honor your highest self.

3) The third step of the journey is to always remember the abundance in the Universe and your power to manifest.

4) The fourth step is honoring family and creating a community where you support each other.

5) The fifth step is remembering to nurture children in a way that enriches all life. In a self-love ceremony, this doesn’t need to represent your children, but it can. It can also mean you are nurturing your inner child or the children of the world.

6) The sixth step is vowing to live a balanced and healthy life.

7) The seventh step is walking the spiritual path with a pure heart, you will be kind and compassionate to yourself and all others. This step recognizes the deep connection that we all share.

What Else Is Needed in Your Ceremony?

Determine if there is a significant date that you want to celebrate your love on. Maybe you will turn to astrology or some other form of choosing an auspicious date.

How would you celebrate the bond between your physical body, soul and higher self that has been recognized? Would you wear a piece of jewelry to remind you of this commitment and union?

Who would you want as a witness at your ceremony of self-love? For some it will be a time for a great party, for others it may be a very intimate and private experience.

It is Never too Late for Healing the Past and Falling in Love with Yourself.

Imagine the shift our world would experience if we all lived a life where we turned inward for contemplation versus outward for social guidance. What If children were taught to love and honor themselves and shown they are unique, beautiful and empowered. Self-love is the first step to creating a loving and peaceful world.

If you would like to deepen your self-love, contact me at You can choose spiritual coaching or a psychic reading to help you connect with your highest self and life purpose.


Channeled Message

Lean into your essence, your true self, and discover the guidance of all that is. This is where your angels, guides and the Universe wait for you.

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