Welcome to the Energy of the Week for April 25, 2021

Imagine as you enjoy life and explore all that is offered .. you come across a serene village. You observe the occupants and notice the placement of the tents.. it is the perfect opportunity to discover how open you are to trusting .. do you feel welcome and safe or are you creating a strategy in case your first plan fails ? After you commit to exploring the potential of this new group ( look for this in the next 7 days ) your eyes land on a new creature. This creature is not foreign to you. It is wild and untamed like the land you are walking on .. it belongs to a herd. As you observe the wild horse you recognize similarities between yourself and the horse. You are strong and vulnerable at the same time. You are intuitive by nature. You have a place in your herd, but are independent by nature. You recognize that everything you see, has the same potential as you. There is a moment of great recognition of your connection to all and the sacredness that is found in all beings.. and you recognize that you are guided to the lessons that are created with your beautiful energy in mind…. you see that there never was a need to plan an escape route.. you were safe all along. The people that are aligned with your highest self will come to you .. the animals will show you the way ., the Earth will keep you safe 🙏. Enjoy the new people , perspectives and life experiences .. don’t be surprised if riches come your way and celebrate your wins.. it’s all about trusting and seeing the similarities in yourself and all beings .. and recognizing healing occurs in all directions .. enjoy your new found peace ♥️