Feeling Lost? Here’s How to Ask Your Spirit Guides for Help

Apr 28, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

Feeling Lost? Here’s How to Ask Your Spirit Guides for Help

As I begin this blog, I’m on a plane headed to Alaska.  My name came up as someone that can help contact spirits and clear energy that is stuck.  I have packed incense, prayer flags and a couple other items that I love.  I’m not feeling lost, but I am asking my spirit guides to help me make contact with who ever is possibly haunting the island.

With all the work I do, my focus is always on high vibrational energy.  I don’t put attention to the lower energies.

For this job I want to first connect to the story of the land.  Who lived there?  What is the history?

I have been receiving messages the last day or so.  Once I feel what the energy is like, I’m going to focus on transformation.

This path will lead us from fear to love.

I need all the help I can get.  I’m asking my angels, guides and even my loved ones that have crossed over, for protection and assistance.  I plan on setting up a sacred space, sitting on the ground and calling in my team of guides and angels.

This adventure is a little different,  I will be filmed while working.

Continue reading and discover how you can set up a sacred space to connect with your spirit team, where ever you are.

First, I always recommend having a practice of prayer and meditation.  This is how you keep the doorway of communication with your guides wide open.

Create a little sanctuary. Find an area that is free of clutter.  This is where you can have your daily practice of prayers, meditation and gratitude.  A shift in energy will begin to take place.  Soon you will be basking in light and love.  The energy of your angels, guides and other high vibrations will fill you up 🙂

You will be rewarded by increased love and healing energy as the vibration of your sanctuary expands.

You can also add an alter to your sanctuary.  This might include a candle, crystals and anything else that helps you connect to your team of spirit guides and angels.

The goal is to create a place that is filled with things that help you connect with gratitude, love and protection.

The most important piece of connecting with your own team of guidance is to trust and believe. Allow the true intention of receiving love and guidance to unfold.

Have no expectations of what your journey of connection will look like.  Everyone experiences miracles differently.

The more you commit to your practice, the greater your rewards will be.  Contact with your guidance will become second nature where ever you are.

When I landed by helicopter,  on the remote land,  I was happy to see the people that would help complete my experience.  They greeted me with open hearts and arms.  One was a little reluctant, but that is a TV story.

Together we created a space that allowed us to form a sacred circle.  We sat on wood stumps, around a fire.  I received messages and we planned our day.

Eventually we explored different parts of the property and held ceremonies to clear the energy.  I was very fortunate to be working with people that had a great faith in a higher power and connection to the land.

The greatest challenge for me was the length of time it took to accomplish our goal.  What could have been done in a couple hours was done outdoors,  in 12 hours with the harsh elements of Alaska.  At the end I was tired, cold and low energy.  I really leaned into my team of angels and guides.

There are a couple things that I wish we had done, but maybe I will visit again.

At one point there was conflict.  I trusted my guides and angels to show us the path to peace.  Collectively we created a healing space for the brave men that answered the call to reconnect with their tribal land.

With the help of angels, loved one’s and guides, the men took the first step to creating the shift from fear to love.  I am excited to stay in touch with this dynamic group and help any way I can.

Our intentions of peace, healing and prosperity were felt that day.

If you find yourself in a place that needs healing and transformation, contact me at pollywirum.com .  Where ever you are, I can help you connect to peace, your angels, guides and loved ones.  You can move from fear to love and enjoy limitless possibilities.

Channeled Message

In this world, we are born with a beautiful, yet fragile,  intrinsic trust of self.

If trust stays intact, we are gifted with a compassionate nature.

If you find trust has been washed away,  discipline of thought will bring both trust and compassion back to your heart.

Where ever you are in the process of expansion of mind and thought, celebrate your journey.

Already you have evolved and touched others in ways words can not explain.

You continue to transform energy with out form, into thoughts and beliefs.

You trust and see beyond the world we have collectively created.

You are healing and releasing the karmic plots that brought  love and compassion.

You allow your imagination to shine light on the unknown.

You have discovered yourself in others.

You understand our capacity to live courageously.

Life unfolds free of correction.

Together we have created a sacred circle of trust and compassion.

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