Welcome to the Energy of the Week for May 2, 2021

First off May is a phenomenal month for getting you up and moving ❤️.. you may be wondering why the need for a rescue if May is so lovely . Here it is … Look for the areas in your life that you have given away your personal power .. it won’t be hard to find them .. because it is the areas of your self worth and reconnecting to your inner knowing that will be thrust into an unexpected situation. You will need to stand up and take control of your life .. This week look for the opportunity that breaks ties with those that pulled you off course … The next lesson is you remembering your unseen team .. ask for guidance, protection and love from the Universe .. and know that to the outside world it may look like everything is crashing down around you .. You magically get up and walk away .. it finally became clear to you, your strengths, talents and most importantly you reconnected with faith ♥️.. enjoy this incredible journey ♥️🙏💝 ps .. the falling of the tower might not be unexpected.. we usually know somewhere deep inside when change needs to happen 🌞