Welcome to the transformational energy of May 9, 2021

Raw, spectacular, dreamy, revealing.. it can be any thing you want it to be.. imagine yourself in a vehicle driving .. you notice that the car is not responding in the usual manner .. it begins to slow down.. it doesn’t have the energy and response it once did. You pull off your path and it becomes clear there is something about the way you have been moving thru life is not a good fit for you anymore.. The thoughts and beliefs that have been propelling you along , no longer fit who you are. It takes courage to leave what isn’t working and boldly move on your path not knowing what your travel will look like .. Some of us will find it easy to walk away from our old methods of travel .. some of us will us this time to unpack the broken down car , just to make sure they are not leaving anything of value behind. The message of this week is it is safe to walk away from the trauma, grief, and fear . You will be guided by love and miracles as soon as you depart the wreckage that has been creating wounds in your mind, heart and physical self .. you are free to move differently thru the world .. enjoy recreating your new vehicle .. there is no rush .. enjoy the opening and many possibilities 🙏