Energy of the Week April 5, 2020

Imagine yourself standing on a grassy ledge overlooking the ocean, or maybe you are standing on the edge of Earth looking into the sky. Whatever is your viewpoint, it has been determined by you.

As you are standing on the edge, you lift a net getting ready to cast far into the air. You are letting it land wherever the slight breeze takes it. As it falls into the ocean or the sky (your choice), it begins to catch items below the surface. It is getting heavier and harder to hold onto. You realize you must make a choice. You need to muster up all your courage and pull your net to you, or simply let go and never know your gifts from the sky or the ocean.

This week you are being asked two big questions. How big is the container that holds your dreams? And when you are working towards your dreams and it begins to get heavy, will you just let go, or will you courageously pull them to you?

If you decided you are ready to commit to your life, you pull the heavy net up close to you. You can see bright stars contained in the net. Upon closer inspection, you recognize the net is only a web, designed to appear stronger than it is. The stars (sea or heavenly) are bright and full of life. They hold your fortune and deepest desires.

It becomes clear to you that the net is made of lies that have formed around your dreams in an attempt to keep you stuck in a world of fear. You breathe deep and touch the web; it falls apart into tiny little pieces. The stars shine brightly. You only need to decide what your greatest dream is? What are you committing to?

How does it feel to be living in a world where truth is being uncovered and dreams are being released?

We energetically have been gifted a time of amazing change. I am hoping each of us is brave enough to go for our dreams and see through the haze and lies. The net of fear can be broken, and we can each celebrate a new truth.

We are gifted this time where the Sun and the Moon can work together and light up our path. We can begin healing on an individual level and humanity at large.

I decided to only pull one card for this week. We have the Tower card guiding us. This is pulling us deeper into the energy that is forcing us to change. We see some destruction of patterns, beliefs, and laws. Thankfully this happens, so we are finally released to start again. To see clearly, what we want. It is up to you to firmly state your vision and look for a soft place to land.

Thank you so much for reading my weekly forecast. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds for us! I’m thinking of bringing in an astrological viewpoint each week. I would share my vision and also share the impact the planets are creating. Let me know what you think!