Energy of the Week April 12, 2020

Apr 12, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Energy of the Week April 12, 2020

You are in that place again of reaching your limit of what can be expected of you? Some might call this the tipping point. You are standing tall with your arms extended far above your head.

Your vision is up to the sky. Are your arms feeling strong and reaching into the unknown, or do they feel bound by the obligation or poor choices? Most importantly, have you adjusted your vision to experience the light, or are you still exploring the darkness.

There is a weight that has been lifted. You also might be experiencing a little more movement this week, in your choices and thoughts. This is a great gift at this time. You are offered a grace period to follow your heart and make some choices that in the past would be questioned. You are allowed to wiggle room in escaping poor choices from the past. You now clearly can see a path to your deepest desires. Do you trust your strength and vision, or do you stay bound by your fears?  Pay attention to your arms this week. What are you using them for? Where is your vision resting?

This week, I took a look at the planets for insight on our upcoming energy. This is my perspective, and the most important thing to remember is, your outlook determines your personal outcome.

The first thing that caught my eye is Mars, Venus, Mercury and Uranus are working together to broadcast a positive, and non-traditional solution to our health crisis. This is a global solution, and even the pragmatic energy of Saturn is involved to make sure it is presented in the correct way. I believe we will see several groups coming together to help problem-solve some big issues. This can be seen in the finance, healthcare and even education. New styles of leadership have the potential to begin to evolve next week.

I also see that the people will be encouraged to value their physical well-being, but also see it in a new light. There are still restrictions on our movement, but maybe we can find wellness within the restriction.

People are going to be asking for educated guidance, that is what will calm our emotions.

And get ready for some drama. There is a recklessness in some leaders (or leader ) that are seeking great approval saying everything is fine and fun to the opposite of needing to look at a humanitarian crisis that needs collaboration on all fronts. We will see the back and forth between everything is great, tipping over to needing to collaborate, and really not wanting to.

I believe the real change will begin below the media and headlines. The transformation is possible, but it is up to the individuals and the families. The people in charge are still thinking that there is only one way to handle a broken system, while in reality it is beginning to heal below the radar, far from the scrutiny of others.

The short answer is help will begin to reach those in need. You can begin healing independently. New leadership is forming, and this leadership looks completely different and involves the intellect of several countries.

Enjoy this week. Let’s welcome the formation of wise leaders working together to help bring wellness to all. 🙂

P.S. – Trust that a new style of leadership is forming. It might not be political as much as just very smart people working together to solve a crisis. It involves several countries. 🙂


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