Energy of the Week August 15, 2021

Aug 16, 2021 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the transformational energy of August 15, 2021

Some of us might be at a place in our lives where we wonder, “ what’s on the other side of the door .”  Perhaps you are a seeker in life; or you just are ready for more. If this resonates with you … imagine you push the door open.  At the entrance you are met with memories of your past that need attention for healing. It is from remembering your past that you are given the clarity to move forward into what You do want. It is almost like you had to be reminded why you let something go. Nothing had gone wrong .. you were gifted a memory to keep you on course..  As you move forward with confidence, love and wisdom guide you .. Your inner knowing and intuition is working beautifully.. you are more aligned with peace and purpose then you have been for some time… So walk thru the door, have gratitude for what is stirred up.. you are reminded why you let something go, and honor your wise intuitive self.. enjoy 🌍♥️🌞

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