How Our Loved Ones Communicate With Us After Their Death

Aug 18, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

How Our Loved Ones Communicate With Us After Their Death

The older we get, most of us have suffered the loss of a loved one. This can be hard even if you do believe in life after death. Keep reading and discover how our loved ones communicate with us after their death, and how you can communicate with them.

My schedule was packed full. I was taking off for a long weekend trip to Alaska for a wedding. My very talented hair stylist reached out and needed to change our appointment. The new schedule was perfect; but then she had to change it again because of an unexpected event.

In order for the new schedule to work we met on Sunday. The studio was empty except for the two of us. I can’t remember how the subject came up, but we began talking about death and life after death.

Our conversation was very candid and would not have been so deep, if other people were around. There was a little magic that happened to create a private setting. My hair stylist, Lisa, was just exploring the possibilities of life after death.

I began picking up on an older gentleman around her, like a grandfather. I saw light colored denim. He was also showing me flowers, lots of flowers. He also showed me he was very persistent.

Her grandfather had passed, and had worn light denim overalls. His wife, still living, has lots of flowers. We talked a little more about him and his wife. I mentioned again the flowers and how persistent he is!

As she was rinsing my hair, a tall light, about four feet away, started falling over. She caught it, before it fell to the ground. I laughed and said her Granddad was still making himself known.

When we were saying goodbye, Lisa looked at her phone. Her father had just texted her a picture, taken many years ago, of Lisa and this same grandfather. He had flowers around his neck.

It was completely out of character for her dad to send her pictures. I laughed because her grandfather really wanted her to know he was with her every step of the way.

All of this took place in about 90 minutes. When I left, Lisa felt connected to her grandfather and believed in life after death.

In my last retreat I offered an evening of messages from the other side. I set the intention of having physical experiences like the light falling near Lisa. We were rewarded with some fun experiences.

Most of those on the other side want to say hi. It is not unusual for people we have never met to show up.

Just like on this side, if someone doesn’t want to talk or even show up, we can’t make them. Don’t take this personally.

Usually when I connect with people on the other side, that I don’t know, they show me a significant personality trait or characteristic. I believe even if they were ornery on this side, they lose that after death. They may show me that they were short tempered, just as a point of recognition. Eventually the personality will fade in the reading and it is just love that is shared.

We all have ancestors that walk along us in this life. Some are here to guide us and others just shine love on us.

Five Ways We Can Connect With Our Loved Ones

  1. Set the intention to make contact with a loved one. Even if at first you doubt the process; make a clear and strong declaration of being open to receiving messages. It might look like: I am open to all your messages Grandma. Say this often, until you truly expect to receive messages.
  2. Have a daily meditation and prayer practice. When you are still enjoying the beautiful energy of this practice, invite your loved ones in. Imagine you are sitting prayerfully in a room. You create space in this room for your loved one to join you.
  3. After you set your intentions and create space, ask them to show you a sign. This can be something that you enjoyed together, like baseball. Maybe you will see a baseball, or maybe he loved the Dodgers. All of a sudden you see Dodger hats everywhere. Come up with a sign you will believe, make it random.
  4. Pay attention to your dreams. Lots of times our loved ones share messages in our dreams. Keep a journal of these dreams and messages.
  5. Listen to the music they loved, ask them to join you. Do something that you used to enjoy with your loved one, they will find you.

This is a very short list of how to connect with your loved one. The bottom line is this, if you are thinking about them, they are with you.

Five Ways Our Loved Ones Communicate With Us

  1. You may notice things are moved out of order, or somehow different. When my father in law died in August, the 30 year old Family Christmas cactus bloomed out of season. We knew he had joined his wife and they were saying hello.
  2. Lights flashing, or other electric disruptions is a common way to say hello.
  3. Sometimes you feel your loved one. There is no proof, but you know they are with you. Other times you may smell their perfume or something that you recognize as them.
  4. Another common way is seeing license vanity plates that remind you of them. You may also see billboards or messaging on the side of commercial trucks that remind you of them.
  5. Songs that they listened to or have special meaning to the both of you, will come on the radio. It might be someone’s ring tone that is standing next to you. Expect the unexpected.

I know there are miracles and messages all around us; we just need to believe.

I hope this helped someone that needed a reminder that their loved ones are just a thought away! If you would like help making a connection with a loved one, or experience a psychic reading, contact me at

Recent Vision

I have an interesting vision to share about an upcoming shift in the US, but also worldwide.

Within the next few years we will begin to see people just pick up and move to several specific places in the country. The reason they move is not based on economic, or even lifestyle enrichment. They move for spiritual reasons. They anticipate making contact with a higher power at these sacred points. They go where they believe the land is holy and possibly has portals to higher energy.

We will see new communities built based solely on spiritual beliefs. This on the outside may sound like a cult, it is not. It evolves into bringing permanent change to our country and even the world.

This is a shift of people that are making choices because of deep rooted spiritual beliefs. The people will not necessarily know others before they settle down. They will just say they felt a strong pull, or had a dream, somehow they were compelled to move to this sacred place of discovery.

We will have possibly five of these meccas in our country. It is not too far from the very spiritual pilgrimages that have occurred in history.

It is unusual behavior for sure, but does bring a shift in our country for a more meaningful life. This rising can happen on the outside perimeter of a city and also undeveloped land.

Let me know when you hear of this beginning 🙂

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