Welcome to the transformational energy of August 22, 2021

Happy New Week to You.. This week we can expect some kernels of truth to show up as boulders.. perfect .. that is an easy way to receive guidance from the world .. it’s also a week that allows you to see the imprint you have left in your wake .. some of these memory recalls may make you feel great .. others may call for a little healing .. what ever shows up for you, it’s a perfect reminder that we do touch others and to be mindful of our shadows, so to speak …. Do we lead with light .. or shadow? I also love how there is this great reach for improvement and closeness with spiritual awareness .. yay you for your deeper trust in faith and yourself .. collectively we may be spiraling .. but we will balance out and find our way in a new world 🌍🦜🌅.. enjoy the gifts this week offers ❤️