Energy of the Week August 29, 2021

Aug 30, 2021 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the transformational energy of August 29, 2021

The theme is what thought was lost .. might be rediscovered in unexpected ways .. and what you thought was your truth might take a new shape .. This is the week to declutter and reorganize.. thus may be reorganizing your thoughts, home or any other area that you would like to live abundantly. You will have the opportunity to see some things that have completely over grown and might even have some decay.. It is in the weeds of your mind that something begins to make sense .. it is here that you begin to feel at home with who you are becoming .. as for the decay and breaking down of what was … perhaps something more beautiful and even empowering will gradually replace the boundaries you had put up.. I wish everyone a peaceful and compassionate week♥️

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