Welcome to the Energy of the Week for August 23, 2020

This week self-deception and self-sabotage can begin escaping your life. It is important to look at what is distracting you from a happy, balanced life. What are you running off to fix? The only true call for action is to let go and appreciate yourself and your wellness. Imagine you are out in a magnificent space created by Mother Nature. There is no one else around. As you stand in the valley, you see the beautiful blue sky, fluffy white clouds; it is the perfect temperature. Your gaze falls on the body of water near you. The liquid shares a mirrored image of the sunlight, mountains, and trees. As you lean forward your reflection appears. Do you choose to see your beauty or do you see your perceived imperfections? Can you enjoy this moment or are distracted by something that doesn’t deserve your attention? The distractions will continue to grow, as long as you give them your attention. If you can find self-love, this week holds incredible transformations. The key is managing your thoughts and distractions. You may need to turn off and go inward to connect with your deep self. If you are able to do this; your emotional wisdom will show you some amazing insights, creations, and possibilities. You will share this with insight with others.

We are reaching a tipping point of experiencing clarity or letting ourselves fall into the churning untruth that holds shiny distractions. Listen to what silence holds. Enjoy this week… breath deeply; expect moments of clarity, forgiveness, and letting go… get ready to celebrate your independence from others beliefs and if you are really brave you will five below the surface of water and illusion and meet your highest self… contained in all that it is.