Energy of the Week August 30, 2020

Aug 31, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for August 30, 2020

This week holds the sweet energy of self-discovery and the strong energy of sticking with a plan or practice.

Imagine standing on a cliff overlooking the water of the deepest blues and greens. The light is reflecting brilliantly; offering peace and inspiration. You see the opportunity to do something you have never done before; never thought of before. This is your chance to dive or jump into the water free from any obstruction. You prepare your mind and body just seconds after deciding to do something so out of character. Big breath in and a leap of faith. As you sail they the air you decide how to land in the water.

You think about what choices you made that brought this opportunity to you. You feel like you are held in the hand of the Universe as you connect to a piece of you never discovered before. This is a short unplanned adventure that awakens the desire to explore deeper parts of your inner world. The trick is to make sure you have a safe place to land; as you unravel the mysteries that kept you stuck in the past. This week can mark a change in you; it might not be huge but it is a catalyst for something amazing. Parts of you may feel like you are emotionally highjacked. Don’t be afraid to dive in deeper into the emotional waters and connect to something hidden or a past inspiration. Something that you loved long ago might reappear. It might even offer you a place of refuge.

There is a beauty to your child-like enthusiasm that pulled you into this very uncharacteristic behavior. Returning back to your ability to live with spontaneity can bring healing and understanding of past relationships. You can experience a positive shift in self-awareness; don’t let negative self-talk get in the way. Your love is connected to the following practices and internal work. You will discover the mind is a beautiful thing… both yours and others… this week master your thoughts and create a world that holds new and exciting experiences. Your heart will follow and all of a sudden the perfect opportunity to fall deeply in love with yourself and possibly another will appear ✨❤️

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