Energy of the Week August 9, 2020

Aug 10, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the Energy of the Week August 9, 2020

Two words sum up this week, balance, and personal power… ok that’s three words, but that’s exactly how this week flows. You might see something as being small and manageable and before you know it… it has blossomed into a mountain… more then you planned… this can be a huge blessing, or not 🙃. Right now many of us are observing our inner world or our potential through the lens of our outer world.

This week we have the opportunity to completely change our opinion on life and all that is… look around you and notice the holes in the fabric of your absolute truth. Grab one of those holes, or moments of awareness and completely open it up… examine your new thought process and possibilities… grab any informed dreams and carry them with you as you move to a new space to cultivate your life and dreams. Transformation doesn’t need to hurt, resisting change is when it feels uncomfortable … especially when you know the truth. This is a golden opportunity to carry our biggest dreams with you into a new mindset… it’s brilliant. Don’t let this opportunity go by unnoticed, have gratitude for all the ways you are being set up for complete success. Just take action… take the step forward and look at life a little more optimistically and aware.

You will have increased personal power this week, your emotions will be sitting in a place where you feel torn between personal power and equality for all. You can find the balance. You will notice it is easy to receive, so step back and watch how life supports you and those you love. I’m not saying this week is like taking a bubble bath without a care in the world; it’s the opposite. You finally realize your worth and look at how you interact with the world/universe. You come out of your hiding place with your dreams in tow. It’s time to learn how powerful you are… in the kindest of ways ✨🙏🌎☀️🌙

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