Welcome to the shifting energy of the week for Dec 16, 2018

Imagine yourself getting ready to catch something with your hands… you are poised for the impact… you’re ready… and it doesn’t land close enough for you to grab… This causes you to stop and take notice of what’s going on in your life…

Next you find your self floating on a river… but oddly the river is staying still, it is the river bank that is moving… everything you have assumed would be in place, is beginning to shift… A little unsettling for sure… The beautiful part of this is, it’s easier now then ever to create the changes that you want…
Things have already begun to unravel… so this means it is going to take effort on your part to keep what you want… so really think about your long term goals and dreams… if your job doesn’t inspire you… allow the changes to bring awareness. Allow a better situation into your life.

This week also bring the closure to past family issues… people are finally ready to let some issues rest. There is a need to practicality this week… even though things can change in the blink of an eye… be practical about what you need to succeed and be fulfilled… generosity is also highlighted… no surprise… It is the season… but remember that gifts can be shared that have no price tag… but truly carry the message of Love! ❤️
Work on grounding yourself this week… so that you are unshakable as things begin to shift… and when you notice the shift ask yourself… why do I want this in my life?

This week is brilliant in the possibility of change. Don’t be surprised if the beginning of the week, looks much different from the end of the week.
Welcome friends from the past… welcome inspiration. Welcome insight. Welcome love from strangers. Welcome the vision of peace in your future. Welcome the vision of abundance in all forms.

Enjoy the swiftness of change… Stay focused on creating and welcoming just exactly what you want. ☀️☀️