The Power in the New Year

Dec 20, 2018 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

A plow was loudly pushing the snow from our drive way. I waited in the softly lit hallway with the dogs. I had just finished my morning meditation and was not prepared for the noise of the blade bumping and scraping on the driveway or the loud engine running.

As the truck pulled away I let the dogs out. I followed them into the snow. The contrast was amazing. I was surrounded by silence. Snow was gently falling. The lights glowed in the darkness. I felt peace all around me. Watching our dogs, run made me smile. It was a morning like many others; but perhaps the contrast helped me recognize the presence of peace.

One of my favorite traditions comes with the New Year. I love writing goals that lead to celebrating success.

The magic of the New Year shines brightly with possibilities. For years our family has taken part in the ritual of writing down goals for the New Year. When our children were young we helped them. Now they are independent in this practice. Goal writing is an exciting process. The action of putting dreams down on paper; cultivating them with inspiration, and watching how they come to life, is like unwrapping an endless gift.

It is really fun to check in during the year. Look at your life. Maintain the awareness of your dreams and intentions. This brings them to fruition.

Before we celebrate the arrival of new possibilities, we need to say goodbye and thank you to the adventures of the previous year. Allowing this transition to take place; automatically offers you the choice to let go of what you don’t want. Energetically, now is a great time to let go of bad relationships, poor health, imagined lack, and anything else undesired. The first step is to look at these items differently. Notice what you gained from these situations. What did they bring into your life? Connect to gratitude. They served a purpose; maybe they offered contrast.

It is up to you to release the unwanted back into the Universe.  Tell the Universe thank you, I am now done with this experience.  This opens wide, the door for your new inspired year.

There are many approaches to setting goals. Writing them down is a way of showing you are serious and committed to experiencing your desired life. I usually write mine in a planner. I want to be able to easily review them.

I also use the New Year as a time to write my visions of love, peace and accomplishments for my loved ones. These goals are almost like prayers. This also helps me recognize how I can support my family through the year.

Creating goals in all areas of life keeps fresh inspired thoughts in all you do. If you can’t find an intention for an area of your life; it is time for a change.

Make some small goals that are easy to attain. Be sure to celebrate all success. Enjoy the process of creating and receiving your dreams. If you have a huge goal, for example becoming a doctor. Write it down. Also write down what you need to do now. Maybe currently you are focusing on getting good grades as a freshman in college. Write the long term and short term goals down.

Most importantly is connecting to the joy of calling your dreams to life. Set a specific time to write your goals. Create a little personal ceremony. Light a candle. Allow yourself to really connect to how you will feel when you achieve your goals. Enjoy the experience of living your life with intention.

The last piece of successful goal writing is recognizing fear has no place in the process.

Writing down goals also helps me stop and enjoy not only my success, but the moment of now. I feel eternity and all possibilities when I pause and connect to the Universe. Living a life with intention is the act of recognizing the power every moment.

Channeled Message

Behold in the brilliance of your awareness.

Deep within, you know the patterns that are used to create the dreams that become reality…

Your Universal wisdom has the ability to create and manifest all that you desire or all that you fear.  Universal consciousness allows the magnificent tool of contrast to help guide us.

We are given the ability to see both sides of all that is. Compassion rises from this.

In truth it is no longer needed to live or experience the reality that is not of joy, or based of love. We are no longer tied to the vision of unrest or fear. We are completely free to experience only the highest form of expansion…

Your thoughts, your mind, and your soul resonates with the likeness of you. The likeness of you is love and pure potential… There is no other.

Humanity mistakenly has fear and love tangled together.

We call you to a world that is of pure love and light

Release yourself

End of Channel

Blessings and love,


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