Welcome to the satisfying and joy filled energy… for the week of 12:23/18

Can you hear the hum of everything working out in your favor? Can you see how things are falling into the perfect place ?

If not it is time for dedication to building a life that is satisfying and filled with joy… look for examples of peace, joy and prosperity… align yourself with them… commit to making lasting changes.

Hopefully you are experiencing the satisfaction of your dedication and hard work… if not, you know what to do. This week also brings a sudden twist or change… this can work in your favor if you don’t try to control the outcomes.

This week we will see eruptions… this can be in life and natural occurrences… stay clear of social and emotional potential disasters… as well as areas that have natural eruption.

Take this week to think about how things have worked out for you… soon it’s time for new skills and new discoveries.
If you are feeling like you have left no rock un-turned in your life… too many thoughts and not enough action… It’s time for meditation. But it’s also time to make the plan and dedicate time into living the satisfying / joy filled life… you see others have it… It’s possible for you also.
This week feel and express joy! Accept the miracles that are manifesting in your life. It’s past time to release the manipulative people in your life… Use your intuition to guide you through potentially untruthful situations… So this week is about living a life of satisfaction… sprinkled with joy… and knowing who is worthy of your time and talents…

Enjoy your blessings!