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Jan 3, 2019 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

As I crested the top of a hill I spotted two and then three hot air balloons. They were so distant, that I could not make out the individual colors. The balloons were both beautiful and inspiring. The way they moved through the air on wind currents reminded me of someone moving gracefully through life. The vantage point they shared from high above the ground, offered a greater scope of our world and thus our connection. Both the grace and the ability to observe on a large scale, reminded me of living a conscious life.

The following day my family and I were gifted the opportunity to visit a Horse and Human Sanctuary; Tierra Madre. As I opened the gate into the sanctuary we all felt the powerful healing energy. The gate protects everyone and everything in the sanctuary; only open hearts are allowed inside.

There was a small wild rabbit just inside, observing our entrance. Soon we were greeted by a dog. We learned the dog had been rescued from the side of the freeway. We found it easy to leave everything but love and inspiration outside. The sanctuary is a safe place for all.

Christine, our contact, met us by the stables.  She has been involved with the sanctuary for years. In the beginning she worked as a volunteer. This allowed her the opportunity to not only see how the horses had impact on her life, but how the sanctuary as a whole affects people. Eventually she received training as a coach.  She now offers therapeutic coaching with the horses.

I could see her kindness as a person, but also recognized how the sanctuary experience brought out a strength in her.  She shares this strength and resiliency with others. This is her gift, helping others find their personal power in the presence of the horses. People learn how to connect to their strength and how to keep the connection outside the gates of the sanctuary.

As we were introduced to the horses we learned of their stories. Some of them had a history on race tracks, some were wild horses. One had belonged to a family that was offering the horse as live feed to lions. Each of them had an amazing life story. Most of them also had suffered injuries both physical and emotional. Many of them were very old. Besides being destined for slaughter, all of them had something in common. They had nowhere else to go. Tierra Madre saved their life.

​Jim the founder of the sanctuary reminds me of a huge display of colorful fireworks. He grabs your attention and shares his soul with you. Jim has fully embraced his life as guardian of the gated sanctuary, and all it holds.

As we toured the sanctuary we could choose to see the horses as farm animals, or see them as sentient beings that carries the love of the Universe.

I know that part of living a conscious life style is recognizing that everything carries the energy of our creator. Thus we must recognize each and everything as the creator.  This is why our ability to observe on a greater scale, the impact of our life choices, is so important.  As soon as we recognize that a life choice is causing harm; we must let it go. This is conscious living.

Conscious living or living with the intent of recognizing our creator in all, is a choice.  It is a choice that brings you into a vortex of love.

Jim shared two stories that stuck with me. One was of a guest that visits the sanctuary to experience peace. This person takes medication to quiet scary voices in her head. She visits the horses because they also quiet the voices. Two of the horses carry the voices completely away. This guest experiences the gift of safety at the sanctuary.

The next story included a picture. More than once hot air balloons have dipped from high in the sky, to skimming just above the tree line of Tierra Madre. They then rise back into the blue sky. This supported my belief that the animals and people held safe within the sanctuary have created an energetic vortex so powerful it can pull you in and change your life.

Just as the sanctuary has an energetic vortex; you can also create an energetic vortex. Live your life with an open heart. See the energy of our creator in everything. Observe the effects of your life choices.  As you increase your observation, you will discover a world of less reaction and more appreciation. You will find yourself experiencing a vortex of love, abundance and intuitive awareness.

Channeled Message
Living with an awareness of all that is and weaving love into each thought and each vision is our greatest gift. The world of creative love and thought is found within each and every-one of us. This creative world of thought hears us and calls to us.
It is with open heart and faith that we find ourselves fully immersed in the place of only love. You can safely experience the vortex of love that pulls and tugs at your heart and mind. 
The energy brings shifts and quakes into your world. Your thinking begins to allow other possibilities into your mind. Your awareness begins to include the awareness of others. The collective consciousness of all.
You begin to live in a world of miracles, healing and unlimited possibilities. This energy is calling to you. Allow yourself to believe that you are much more than the physical.
Your entire being is calling for love and light. This being is so much greater than the physical, even emotional energy you recognize as self. You are all that you see, all that you know, all that you imagine.
It is time to trust in the awareness of your part in creation with the Divine.
It is time to open your heart and mind to the possibility of love and suffering that occurs anywhere, also occurs deep within you. 

​You alone can end all suffering.

End of Channel

Thank you so much to the wonderful people and animals of Tierra Madre Horses Sanctuary. Our family is so inspired by the love that everyone extended to us. Check out the beautiful photos and stories on their website.

One last story is of a student volunteering on the sanctuary. Her high school required community volunteer hours to graduate. She fell in love with the horses and the possibilities. She now has her master’s degree and continues to work at the sanctuary.

Blessings of love and compassion to guide us each through the new year.


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