Energy of the Week: January 6, 2019

Jan 6, 2019 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the enterprising Energy of the week for Jan 6, 2019

Imagine sitting at the base of a beautiful tree. This tree is stabilizing and provides shelter…

Around you the twilight sky is just beginning to twinkle with new stars… You are surrounded in purples, silvers and black.

As you peacefully consider your life in this moment you are grateful and you begin to think about what else you would like to invite into your life story…
This week the words of significance are imagination, resourceful, inventive, and even entrepreneurial… good for everyone… really good for those desiring freedom of their own business…

You are being asked to reach for the stars as they reveal themselves… the stars are opportunities… don’t pass them up.

Shake the tree you are resting on… see what is revealed or shared… this means look at what is in your life… can it be used to better help you achieve your goals?

Health… wait for things to settle down a bit… inflammation to decrease before you buy into a diagnosis as part of your life story. Let it fade away.
Money… This week look for entertainment that requires no monetary expense… be creative and have fun… see where it leads you.
Love… this week start with loving yourself from the ground up… give yourself a pedicure… exchange foot treatments…

Our world at large… We will see flashes of brilliance in the way of communication and even compassion towards others… we will also see fear and negotiations filled with negativity…

Choose what you believe. ❤️

Enjoy this week… be enterprising and focus on the love in your life… Shine bright ☀️☀️


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