Welcome to the Energy of the Week for January 11, 2021

Let’s all take a deep breath in and breathe out. We made it into the new year ✨📿.

This week is all about reclaiming your peace. This calls for you taking bold action steps. Rediscovering your personal peace starts with creating balance in your life. The next step is nurturing what brings you peace. This might come in the form of relationships or time spent outside .. but whatever it is .. reclaim your peace .. put your attention back to the matters of your heart and happiness.

The next few days holds the energy of the New Moon .. write down what makes you happy and peaceful .. create a plan to bring that back into your life 📿✨❤️.. share your plan and your beautiful transformation with those you love .. the rest of the world may be still entrenched in pain .. you, however, have a choice to make … do you choose peace or pain✨📿❤️