Welcome to the Energy of the Week for January 17th, 2021

This is an interesting week .. mostly because so many people are expecting something big to happen: besides the change of power/leadership in the White House. I do see some people feeling alone or that they are let down and they drift farther and farther from the reality of peace and harmony.

This week we are being asked to recognize and value our friends/partners and family .. take time to really think about those in your life .. or those that have been with you .. and think about what type of people you want to share your life with. We will continue to see people reacting to what they perceive as a loss or a threat. I do see we will have areas that are cordoned off .. and this doesn’t make sense, but I’m seeing sinkholes or divots that people are kind of stuck in .. we may also see something in the water not far from the coast .. not sure where this will be, but it’s an act of retaliation / or an attempt to gain attention. The best thing each of us can do is focus on our personal harmony .. send prayers of peace and compassion in all directions to all beings.

Welcome in the possibility of peace .. imagine each of us extending our arms out; joining hands and hold space for all that is to become a peaceful and compassionate truth ✨🙏📿