What is a Natal Chart and What does it mean in Traditional Astrology?

Jan 20, 2021 | Understand Your Sign

What is a Natal Chart and What does it mean in Traditional Astrology?

Every Sunday evening, over the last three months I have been co-teaching a class that focused on manifesting with the phases of the moon.  We also helped each student discover their natural intuitive abilities, and we explored their natal charts in traditional astrology.

My portion of each class was the psychic piece, the other instructor shared the main concepts of the Moon and other planetary energy.

One question kept coming up for me.  Can you separate nature, nurture, free will, fate, karma, and the natal birth chart; or is everything jumbled together in a cosmic mix of destiny?

Some believe a natal chart provides an owner’s manual for your best life.

I’m not so sure.  Your astrological chart provides many valuable possibilities, but your free will can change everything.  This means the stars and planets have lots of wiggle room in how and what they might indicate about your journey on Earth.

Let’s talk about what a natal chart is.

Think of your birth chart of being the exact image of the sky at your time of birth.  All the planets, and where they are in the zodiac constellations,  paused the moment you were born.

This placement of planets is thought to influence your life.

Here is a quick reminder of the astrological signs and what they represent in natal charts.

Aries: Action, leader, courageous

Taurus: Comfort, slow-moving, grounded

Gemini: Communication, talkative, social

Cancer: Feelings, healer, emotional

Leo: Dramatic, dramatic, center of attention

Virgo: Work, loyal, practical

Libra: Relationships, people pleaser, cooperative

Scorpio: Intensity, powerful, secretive

Sagittarius: Freedom, truth seeker, thrives on change

Capricorn: Ambition, responsible, realistic

Aquarius: Visionary, eccentric, friendly

Pisces: Intuitive, compassionate, and spiritual


Here are the most common planets, and what they represent in a Natal chart reading.

Moon: Home, emotional, environment

Mercury: Communication, intelligent, quick wit

Pluto: Transformation, passion, life, and death

Jupiter: Expansion, pleasure, good fortune

Venus: Pleasure, love, beauty

Neptune: Inspiration, spirituality, psychic

Uranus: Change, forward-looking, original thinking

Saturn: Discipline, life lessons, duty

Mars: Energy, initiate, action

Sun: Life force, self-expression, willpower

Natal charts require birth information; such as time, date, and place.

The birth date reveals your Sun sign; in other words where the sun was at your birth.  For example, if the Sun was under the Aries influence,  your personality might be one of energy and action.

Birth Time indicates your Rising or Ascendent sign.  This is the zodiac sign in the Eastern sky when you were born.  This changes about every 15 minutes, so accuracy is needed.  The Rising sign shows us how we appear to the outside world.

Your birth time also indicates what planets fall into the astrological houses of your chart.  There are twelve houses in each natal chart.  Depending on the where planets land in what sign and house, indicates life circumstances.

Imagine a circle cut into twelve pie sliced pieces.  On the outside of the circle, the zodiac signs are in order, beginning with your rising sign.  Your planets can be in any of the twelve houses and in any of the twelve signs.

We also look at karmic lessons depending on planets in particular houses.  This is especially true of Pluto according to Evolutional Astrology. Birthplace and time are both used to determine what planets and zodiac signs your houses are aligned with.

We also consider Aspects; or the way the planets react with each other in the birth chart.  When determining aspects we look at the degree of each planet. This can indicate what part of life will be easy and also where potential life lessons are offered.

What about the people that don’t have an accurate time, place, or even date of their birth?  Do they have access to this guidance?  The answer is yes.

In our class, each student received a private reading with both teachers.   I did the psychic reading and the other teacher did the astrological reading.

What caught my attention was this; the astrology and psychic messages shared very similar themes.   The psychic reading shared more specific personal details.  The astrology focused on the emotional experiences and both readings shared the life lessons.

So the bigger question might be; where is all the information about you and your soul held?

My answer is this; the Akashic field contains all the information of every soul and life lived.   This information can be accessed in many different ways, including psychic and astrological readings.

The rest of our cosmic mix is found in the collective consciousness.  Our free will is pure potential, and that is where God watches with anticipation.

In closing, I believe self-discovery is fun and even healthy.  If you would like to learn more about your life lessons,  karma and purpose, contact me at pollywirum.com  My readings provide insight about you and your soul; my coaching helps you work with the pure potential of the universe.

Channeled Message

On Earth seeing is believing and knowing ( the internal knowing) is often overlooked.

The knowing is the part of you that is truthful and understands each breath has the power to change the world.  Each breath has the ability to connect you to your soul purpose and every life lived.

It is on the precipice of this knowing, that part of you clings to that of which fits, in this world.   Jump off the ledge and you are free.

And in one moment the form will no longer be needed and you will find yourself exploring all of creation; no longer separate from all that is.

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