Welcome to the Energy of the Week for January 24th, 2021

First, off it is important to know that I believe in you: I believe in myself and all of humanity. Collectively we have created this brilliant opportunity to support one another as we raise the vibration of our creations 📿.

This week is about faith; not just faith in yourself, or for you experiencing the bounty of life, but faith in the good fortune and peace for every soul in every direction 🙏.

Imagine you are on a stage with a large wheel of fortune. As you spin it all the possibilities are released into your life .. you literally have beautiful good fortune raining down on you. You are standing in a field of abundance. The question is; do you notice your blessings? You may need to separate your reality from others. Don’t take on other people’s stories. It might also become necessary for you to accept certain aspects in your life.. not continue to dwell on why they are there. Accept your life and decide what u are keeping. It is as easy as that .. what do you want? This week we also are being recognized as having the ability to help others .. that is part of why we are here. If nothing else look at how your love is reflected back to you. Take time to see what is shining back to you.

Lastly, you are/ we are / exactly where we should be. At long last, we will experience a shift that allows love to rise and fear to break away and transform into something powerful and new to help us on our journey. ❤️✨🙏