Welcome to the Energy of the Week for January 31st, 2021

Things may appear complicated or over complicated and this leads you to the place that requires you to trust .. trust your intuition and trust the person that comes into your life and offers a fresh perspective ✨.

The greatest message this week is you waking up and realizing something is different. Imagine waking up and discovering you have three arms; or a tail. That is truly what we have going on .. self-discovery. You become aware of a part of you that had been unrecognized before. The good news is, this new part of you will desire to explore the world in ways that have been out of reach before.

A new sense of freedom ✨ and the desire to know more about where u fit in this world .. Fit in the family and even place of work. So expect new friendships to be born and new explorations to take place. Enjoy this opportunity of self-discovery ✨❤️🙏📿🤸🏽‍♀️