Energy of the Week: January 20, 2019

​Welcome to the exposing energy of the week for 1/20/19

Seek and you shall find.

This week we will have many opportunities to correct wrongs. We only need to look at the big picture and see the clear way out if entangled situations. It is a case of looking at a small piece of the world and loosing sight of the bigger issues at hand… or at least issues that are just as pressing. Take time to hear and acknowledge the feelings and time of others.

It is also a week that a lot of useless and even misleading words will be shared. Allow both your heart and mind to guide you when making decisions… You may have the opportunity to allow your gifts of clear thinking to help others.

Don’t let other people intimidate you. This week some people will have the intoxicating feeling of power… They are not true leaders.
Stand your ground and watch everything fall into place around you. This is a beautiful moment, sure to be celebrated many times over in your mind. Allow others into your winning circle… Your kindness will be remembered.

This week enjoy nurturing your connection with the Spiritual World. Allow things to come easily to you. Find your personal balance between the material world, and the needs of the mind, spirit and heart.

Things to keep in mind ☀️

What might have appeared as lost will return.
Watch your steps… stay aware of where your feet are.
Welcome miracles of healing into all areas of life.
Understand your greatest gift is to experience and share love and happiness.
I invite you to embrace the energy of awareness and progress in living a life of your greatest potential.

The shut down continues – Last week I saw it potentially resolving… at least some returning to work… That did not happen… Only some workers returning with no pay 🙅‍♂️
Let’s hope this week brings clarity to see the big picture and gets things resolved. Let’s also pray for our leaders to make wise and compassionate choices; letting go of fear and personal agenda. Dates to watch… 1/23 and 1/24
Also watch for gas and or oil in the news… this might just be due to cost issues.

Together we are creating a wonderful world for our future generations 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️🙏