Energy of the Week: January 27, 2019

Welcome to the Energy of the week for 1/27/19

This week is all about easing into the work load… don’t commit… observe… take notes.
The middle of the week clarity should be present… You have a pause while you organize everything, make a plan. The end of the week is time to bust a move / make a difference / see some change.

I like the possibilities… It starts of kind of dreamy… You are given different scenarios in your head or even life… kind of mull them around, not committing. The middle of the week is when you pause, dig deeper, pull in strength from everyone and everything in your life… you have identified a big challenge calling your name. Friday and Saturday connect to the power and make your move see what happens.

The end of the week calls for faith, courage and disciplined-action. So even if your quaking don’t show it! You have this! Celebrate!! Yay you! You just achieved one of your personal goals.
Important words for the week. I have created the perfect environment to learn how strong and capable I am.

Make the most of any and all accomplishments this week… for example if you get promoted… recognize it as a gift… don’t decrease the honor by saying only a few people applied… You got it fair and square.

Words for the end of the week – I am confident Success! Enjoy!!

Relationships stabilize this week. It’s also a great time to look at long term goals… are you headed in the direction of your dreams… or is there a better fit for your personality?

For those of you that land a different-job, life circumstance at the end of week, plan on staying there a bit… get settled before making another big move.

I also see this week as fountain of youth for our country, I think younger people will be highlighted in the news… I also think our country will face a challenge off growing pains… finding a new identity. 🙂

Enjoy the week, please share your success with me… either on Facebook or DM. 🎉🎉🎉

Also note the end of this week is focus , focus , focus ☀️🎉✅