Welcome to the Amazing Energy of the Week

I was so blessed with the opportunity to catch this blessing of the Sun this morning. The drum ceremony will be posted on my Youtube on Tuesday 🙂 .

This week imagine laying down and seeing the reflection of your self and your life amplified in the sky. You have the gift of seeing yourself in all your relationships, including your relationship with self and the Earth. This is a pivotal time for you to declare what part of you needs restoration.. what relationships need healing … and mostly how are you honoring your journey on this Earth.

You may find difficulty balancing relationships, healing your wounds, and reframing your identity.. what is most important? You don’t need to tackle them all at once. You will most likely feel the collective energy of humanity but possibly struggle with the action needed. Don’t worry, trust you will discover your tribe. This week Venus is wrapping her arms around your old wounds… As you heal you will discover your power and who / what deserves your attention.

I hope you join me in honoring our world and all those that hold the space to remind us of our truth. Check out www.kenkoshio.com