Energy of the Week July 19, 2020

Jul 20, 2020 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to The Shape-Shifting Energy of the Week for July 19, 2020

Imagine being suspended from just a sliver of the moon that is visible in our night sky. The connection that is suspending you from the silvery lunar energy is that of pure potential. This energy connects us all and runs through each of us.

Imagine that you are in the perfect position to declutter your thoughts, body, and mind… It is easy to slip out of the past constraints… almost like removing a pair of thick, hot socks that your feet no longer need.

Enjoy this pause and tap into all of your feelings and discover possible new ways of expressing your wants, desires, and dreams… soon you will be able to walk through the paper-thin false images you have believed in ❤️✨❤️.

This week watch for emotions dipping high and low. There will be moments of an identity crisis… just go with the flow… it’s letting go and not taking action yet… exploring new ways of how to communicate love is happening… balancing the collective energy and your personal home and financial needs might cause a little pressure. We can and will create a world where the collective and individual will thrive ✨.

We will all experience deep messages from inside that call for nurturing self and others… and maybe this week you will find new inspiration on how to be of service… lots of internal work… that doesn’t show up externally… yet ✨✨❤️😊

Enjoy 😊

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