Energy of the week: July 14, 2019

Jul 14, 2019 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the Soul Stirring Energy of the week for July 14, 2019❤️🌍

Imagine looking at the light streaming thru a prism, you are enjoying the stillness and are finding it possible to look at seemingly one particle of light. You watch how it moves, and if you can imagine it streaming or pouring onto the ground just like water flows.

You pause your thoughts and wonder if the light can splinter or break .. Or does it just continue flowing like water taking the path of least resistance. Is there a lesson to be learned or considered..

Am I causing things to break apart because I’m holding on too tightly or trying to control the flow in a damaging way?

Am I enjoying the unfolding and exploration of what life has to offer by gently being shown the sweetness of life .. less control and more open ❤️ heart .. Is this bringing me to a point of self awareness of how my perception touches everything I see ?

Am I also aware of anything that is creeping into my life or my calm and eroding the serenity or peaceful ground .. if your mind travels to something encroaching your bliss , continue your path of least resistance .. this will automatically remove anything that is blocking your light🌸

This week explore the easy ways you can practice peace in your everyday life. Take time to notice the gentleness and the ease that can become your new way of moving thru the day ❤️.. notice how there is less harsh boarders ( or at least a call for them ) more areas that are blended together .. and in general a new adaptive way of life ❤️❤️

May we each breathe in peace into every project we start ❤️.. every person, animal and world we encounter 🌎.. May we experience the truth of living with an open heart ❤️

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