Energy of the Week: July 21st, 2019

Jul 21, 2019 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the week that holds the power of truth, fairness and balance.. July 23, 2019.

This week is when you are encouraged to look at your life, and see where truces need to be made, or issues resolved.

Use your integrity when making decisions. If you find yourself looking for the truth, it may come to you in unexpected ways. Your patience will payoff as the truth is exposed.

This week is also about finding balance in work and play: work and family: work and restorative time.

Truth is important to you now, trust the facts.

Use discernment when deciding who deserves your trust.

This is also a week to trust yourself.. you don’t need to look outside for validation.. again trust the facts:)

As you trust the facts.. allow yourself the ability to walk away from what is not good for you. This week is not just trusting the facts, but trusting yourself .. learning to treat yourself and others with fairness and integrity.

Imagine having the power to see inside another’s heart and know their intention.. trusting that you will always make decisions that are best for you and those you love..

You do have that power.. trust your gut.. Trust your heart

Enjoy this week. Practice following your gut. Look for karma to play a role in our day to day activities. Mostly know that as it might appear that things outside of you are spiraling into the unknown.. You are fine. You are just where you should be… breathe and release

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