Jul 22, 2019 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You


Entering the fenced area that holds our fruit trees; I saw a red colored coyote running. This vision was in my mind’s eye. Moments later, for the first time here, I heard a coyote call from one of the peaks near our new Arizona home. This is one of the pieces that needed to fall into place before I could settle down and write. We have been living in our home almost a week, and I have not done much contact with social media, or writing. The ideas for my blog were simmering. I needed to get settled enough to feel the pull of the words and peace. So taking in a deep breath, with a candle lit, I am diving into my place of wellness.

I have been thinking of my clients that struggle with staying aware of their ability to enjoy life; simply by monitoring their own reactions. From an outside perspective this is an easy observation to make. From the perspective of a person experiencing pain, frustration, or other emotions; it is not so easy.

Other clients are committed to making a deeper connection to their guides, God, Angels, or the Universe. They desire a strong connection to a higher power. This group wants to experience the inspiration, peace and feeling of confidence that comes with this connection. In our world people are seeking proof or hard evidence that God, or a lost loved one is able to be experienced in this realm.

So what does reacting or not reacting, have to do with making the connection to our higher power? The past six days allowed me to explore my ability to stay connected during the stress and chaos of getting established in a new home and lifestyle. I was gifted plenty of opportunities to react or not react. This also allowed me to think about what I need in my life for a strong connection to all that is.

One of the most important aspects for achieving a calm connection and experiencing a conscious choice of peace, is feeling grounded and secure. This became very apparent. Personal power comes with daily practices of meditation and prayer. I also found that bringing into our daily world ,what we love is important. This might be spending time with your pet, or going for a swim, what ever you love to see, feel or do. Include something that feels good to you each and everyday.

We need moments of contemplation and silence. Our life and minds need to be uncluttered.

Our new home has some rooms fully furnished, some incomplete. We had suitcases, boxes, bags, and art work heaped on floors and leaning against walls. There were conversations with contractors and decorators filling up the space. Our kitchen was waiting for dishes to be unpacked. Mirrors were waiting to be hung. A flat tire waiting to be fixed.

Mostly I loved the experience of getting settled into my dream home and life; part of me was a little overwhelmed. My energy was scattered. It was easier for me to quickly react, without grace. My desire to post inspirational messages was secondary to my desire to feeling settled. Almost everything felt new, including the temperatures of 108 degrees. None of it was bad, but together it left me feeling unbalanced.

I needed to make a plan. I needed a path that took me from walking thru bags and boxes, to feeling settled and grounded. Knowing that getting settled in a new life is a work in progress, I prioritized my desire for peace and calm.

I recognized the clutter and distraction needed to go. I unpacked suitcases, boxes and bags. What didn’t get unpacked was organized, so it was no longer a distraction from my peace. Next I made a plan to bring in pieces of my old lifestyle that I love. I scheduled classes for yoga and Pilates. I listened to the birds share messages in their song.

I also wanted to learn how to care for my new environment. I have never had a pool before. Keeping the water clean has been oddly cathartic. As my confidence grew, the clutter decreased and my connections became strong.

If you are seeking peace, make a plan to declutter.

The greatest lesson I learned in the past six days is how important space is to me. I need space in the rooms I see, I need space outdoors. I need space in my life and mind. This isn’t so much an emptiness, as much as a place for inspiration to take flight. I needed to put my distractions from peace in a place that would not disturb me. I am aware that there are still potential distractions, but I am focusing on what brings me peace, personal power and connection to all that is. This need for space or uncomplicated lifestyle can help each of us with our ability to choose peace and make life changing connections.

Perhaps the message from the coyote was to focus on the wisdom that we carry within and to let the distractions and confusion go. Folk lore believe the coyote shows up as a trickster, to remind you of the choice between wisdom and distraction. Some believe the coyote shows up to show you the path of your next spiritual adventure or shift.

Years ago I was camping alone near a desert wash. The sun was setting when a coyote came to visit me. She was on a trail about four feet higher then me. There was a space of about nine feet between us. I remember sitting in my tent, with the zipper open, looking at her. We shared a few minutes together and then she left. My life had already turned, but maybe the coyote came as confirmation of a spiritual and lifestyle shift The coyote has returned. My life is transforming again.

Channeled Message

As we move along the shadows towards the sun, we choose which way our thoughts flow. The expanded version is always an option, and so is the alternate route.

When you allow yourself to breathe in and sit with the feeling of completeness .. slowly exhale .. imagine the fire or passion for this life guiding you completely understand the complexity of every moment thru all times.. being answered in one call.

A sliver of understanding can bring you to a moment of clarity and understanding. It is this awareness that will guide you to heal the words of others. You have the ability to move past the hurt and worry and lead others to a place of safety. Trust that you are given exactly what is needed to help heal our world. Trust that you can see beyond the visions, beyond the words.. trust that your purpose is fully developed and it is now that you are able to answer the call. You are here to guide with Grace and share with love the gifts you have uncovered.

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