Welcome to the energy of the week for July 29, 2019

This week home, passion and families ( relationships ) are highlighted. Imagine you have allowed yourself to settle comfortably outside. Your face is to the sky and your eyes are closed. You are completely at peace. There is a soft mist falling upon your skin, you feel the warmth of the sun.

Your mind is so focused on the moment that all your senses are registering the soft mist.. You recognize that the droplets of moisture carry individual vibrations, colors, tastes and sounds. As you enjoy the symphony that is unique to you.. The droplets gain in size and frequency. They are all part of what you have created as possibilities. It is time to choose and commit to what you are passionate about.. Savor the moments that bring you closer or help you even become aware of your true strengths and passions. Take a minute to think about what has happened in your life that was a door way to your true calling.. Take time this week to write down what you are passionate about.. What are the nuances that you love about this thing.. and how can you commit more passionately to it?

This week remember it is in your power to change any relationship you are unhappy with. Start with seeing and knowing you are a admirable person… As you see your self with qualities you admire.. the world and your relationships will respond. Appreciation is key this week.

This week also calls for you to face fears and live a genuine life.. Living a life of appreciation and following your passions allows the fear to drift away.. You will be experiencing life with fewer limitations and more joy.

This is a great time for group activities and most of all true feeling and genuine words to be shared. Be the wise, compassionate and passionate person that you truly are…

Enjoy all the ways you will be shown different opportunities for love life and expand in the next 10 days or so.

Don’t be afraid to start new things.. if you are passionate about it!