Living Life in Full Bloom

Aug 4, 2019 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You

Living Life in Full Bloom

I love finding symbolism in life while honoring practices. Both of these actions have helped me experience peace in times of grief, stress and loneliness.

About 16 years ago my husband and I were trying to complete our family with a third child. My other two pregnancies were moderately smooth, so I was shocked when I suffered a loss. This miscarriage kicked off a couple of very stressful and grief filled years. I remember after one of the three failed pregnancies, sitting on the kitchen floor crying. I felt completely lost, even shattered. I tried to keep it together for our two daughters.

My life became filled with blood tests, doctor’s appointments, hope and stress. It was also during this time that each Fall I would plant some flower bulbs. This is truly out of character. While planting the blue Iris bulbs I found a little symbolism. The bulbs go thru a very long, dark and cold winter and magically in the Spring new life shows up. If you are lucky, that new life will be in full bloom in the early Summer.

I remember several years that the green stalk of the plants emerged out of the ground. This gave me hope of having a successful pregnancy and beautiful flowers. Before the flowers were given a chance to bloom, the plants died. I was given a visual for each loss I suffered. The green stems slowly turned brown, and withered away. In the Fall of 2005 I planted some bulbs again. I was in my first trimester of a new pregnancy.

This time I felt a little more hopeful. I have a good friend that is an intuitive. She had told me several years before, I would have a baby boy in April. This baby was due in April. I let that hope stay in my heart. I let myself start to believe it was possible.

That April as the green sprouts from the bulbs could be seen, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 2006 was the first Spring that my iris bulbs carried enough energy to fully bloom in the Summer. I haven’t felt the need to plant bulbs again, but I treasure the memory. Every time I see iris flowers I think of my connection. This story has never been shared until today.

Years later I asked one of our daughters if she remembered the ultra sound that revealed a failed pregnancy. She always believed the baby was Finn ( her brother) it just wasn’t time for him to join us. I think she is right. I’m not sure why Finn decided to wait. Now he is 13 and I can barely remember the grief and loss. Our home is filled with the energy and emotions of a teenager.

My time honored practices are meditation and prayer, but also pausing to notice the secrets being shared with me. When I followed my instinct to plant the bulbs, it was like having someone by my side saying, “ let me show you, let me help you.” I felt guided. I went thru the motions and waited.

I still notice the secrets; this practice keeps life magical. look into your life and see where you can discover secrets that carry peace and magic. Allow yourself to be guided, even when the timing or the loss doesn’t make sense.

This week I had some flowers planted by our entry way, they are in full bloom. Watering them daily is a reminder to care for my dreams and what I love. The flowers represent growth and beauty to me.

Coincidentally; the symbolism for a blue iris is hope and faith. I invite you to plant something and let it grow. See what stories come from the ancient practice of cultivating.

Channeled Message

Each of us carries the gift of being able to hold a conversation with the wind, dirt, plants and animals. It is here that secrets are shared, healing begins and the truth unfolds.

Souls that have chosen to be with us; on all our journeys, join us at the perfect juncture. They arrive in the perfect form. These beautiful souls come in the spirit of animals, plants and even the visions you take notice of.

We often think of only humans having souls. In truth much of what you see and interact with is the mirror image of your soul or a loved one’s soul.

We play many roles in this dance of love, light, and awareness as energy blooms into action.

Open your mind to the possibility of every vision, every sound, every breath being a connection.

Each of our souls is lending to a magnificent place where we thrive as one.

All of your visions, sounds and experiences are part of our Universe acting as one collective thought, sound, breath and action.

All that you see is the reflection of soul and holds the energy of a soul; everything, no exception.

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