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Aug 19, 2019 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

One of my favorite places for my morning meditation is the earth right next to our home.  It holds a small cactus garden.  There is a Buddha statue, a variety of cacti and some rocks that look like a stream.  There is also a very soft chime and some prayer flags in the distance.   The early light shifts and offers subtle changes.  The sun slowly rises in the sky.  I see the world of wild bunnies and quail.  Some times all the animals head on the little path, in the same direction, looking like they share a secret destination.  This is my world in the simplest form.

Everything shares a feeling of calm.  To experience the world without  worry, stress and upsets is a skill set we each have.  Peace is something I have learned to value in my life and home. I am sharing with you the blue print for a life of well being.  We are the architect of our world; design what you love.

Start with the concept that we each have an awareness that is simple and clear.  For many it is the time just before, or just after awakening for the day.  It is here that we open the doorway for our thoughts, conversations, practices and beliefs that create our world. Before the door opens, we are pure peace and wellness.  Each of us gets to decide what joins our calm.  We choose how our world expands.  We can call in a greater sense of wellness or spiral into areas of illness, fragility and frustration.

After my meditation I prepare breakfast and lunch for our son.  We usually make it to school with good conversation.  After I drop him off my husband and I catch up with our plans for the day.  I go for a short hike or do Pilates; something good for my body.  If I’m hiking I continue enjoying the desert.  If I’m in Pilates or yoga, I enjoy the community.  I then shift into work.  As my day continues I monitor what comes into my world.  I have learned to be highly selective as to the thoughts, conversations and experiences that are invited into my life.

Each of us has the ability to figure out what we want our life, home and world to look like.  Write your ideals down.  They might not happen over night; but you can systematically bring into your world what you want.  For example compassionate living is at the top of my list.  I eat a plant based diet and try to purchase items that support compassion.  What companies and products are aligned with your beliefs and world? Start paying attention to what comes into your home.  Look around and see if you are ready to let go of anything that doesn’t mesh with your ideals.

What are you giving your attention to?  Do you watch the news?  Are you caught up in the drama in your family or work?  As easy as it is to turn off Fox News, it’s just as easy to turn off the drama; walk away.  Don’t get involved in what you don’t want in your world.  Be discerning.  It is as easy as paying attention to what you purchase, and who you speak with.

It may sound like I am over simplifying life or simplifying the possibility of tranquility.  I’m not.  Every day brings in the opportunity to allow something in my world; or not.   If you have read any of my previous blogs, you know my life holds the potential for chaos, grief, worry and all the other things that rob us of our peace.  I am human, a parent, a wife, self employed; I have good days and not as good days. It is all the little things that add up to creating a world that is a good fit.  Look at what you invite into your day.  This requires looking at what is attached to what comes into your life.  Make sure you like the whole package.  For example if you like someone and want to spend time with them, but they bring along unhealthy habits…. Think about what you are inviting in to your world.

What needs to change?  It is your life, your world.  Only you know what is no longer tolerable, or what enhances your life.  Open the door to only what you want.

What about unfortunate events that happen to us or a loved one? Having a very strong connection to your most basic self; the part that is well and calm, will help you through everything.  We are offered opportunities to pull something positive into our world that might originally appear with grief,  sadness or pain.  Just like meditation is a practice; so is maintaining peace in your life.  Keep the beautiful parts that resonate with you; release what doesn’t belong in your world.

Have fun designing your world, and notice who you let in.  Remember there are no limits in the miracles we can experience. Enjoy:)


Channeled Message

The vibration of your true self is a whisper that can be lost in distractions from self.  It is only when you silence the distraction and confusion that the whisper becomes clear and strong.  You have all you need to be guided gently thru this time on Earth.

The whisper carries the vibration of all that is.  As you experience the wave of energy that once was seemingly silent, you will see yourself in the reflection of all you see.  Imagine the wave being made up of tiny particles of everything that has ever existed.. It is these particles that you also carry with in.. It is this connection, this voice that can guide you or propel you into a deeper understanding of all you see.. It is here that you find your voice.   It is here that you find peace, your purpose and your way.

Recognize your adversaries as teaching you the value of commitment to your peace.  With out them you might never know your strength, passion and desire to live on your path of  peaceful self discovery.

End of Channel


I would like to say hello and thank you to everyone that showed up at my gathering at Storm Wisdom. I truly have been guided into another wonderful community.  Let’s stay connected!

Many blessings,


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